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Yep, I play the par 3 course at Willow's Run all the time. Holes range from 150-75 yards. I typically don't tee the ball up because I want to reproduce the fairway lies I hope to have at a regular course. I can play it in an hour - it's the perfect golf fix when I can't play a full round.
A teaching pro from California named Doug Zamboni. I think he was a +2 at the time. His ball striking was just ridiculous. 170 yard 8 irons... crazy.
I've dropped a club in digust. Never have though, and never will send one airborne. Nothing happens on the course that's worth getting that mad about.
how many chip-ins did we see at Bay Hill? when those guys miss a green, all they're thinking is how they can make a birdie the adventurous way. the combination of skill and focus is awesome.
i'll be there on friday. :)
In this day and age, accepting a professionally produced photograph as evidence of the appearance of anything is foolish. I tend to put alot more stock in what I see on video. What I see with Natalie is a heavily made-up, narrow-assed chick with bolt-on tits and whiny voice. As swimsuit models go, she gets a thumbs down from me. As a golfer, she's not bad. I wouldn't kick either one out of bed for eating crackers, but Paula would be my pick. How can you say she's not in...
Bah, she's in awesome shape. She's a size 4 tops. She's just built like a woman, rather than the 12 year old boy hips possessed by Miss Gulbis.
this is pretty good. and by good, i mean bad.
Just personal opinion, but if you can break 100, playing by the rules, on a course with a slope of 130, you're not a high handicapper. You have to be able to put the ball in play and get it up and down occasionally to do that.
Read Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella. You've got to teach yourself to stop focusing on outcome. Take responsibility for the shots you hit, find your ball and hit it again. This may sound harsh, but what have you got to be mad about? Getting mad won't prove to anyone that you're better than the shot you just hit. Your index, and mine, indicate that we will hit bad shots. Lots of them, every time we play. The best player in the world still misses shots....
New Posts  All Forums: