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In the Northwest they're inconsistent at best. High end courses like Washington National have terrific greens - smooth and fast - but the combination of very wet weather and cold temps at night make the greens at most courses very bumpy from footsteps in the rainy season. In summer they're much better, though at the munis I play I'm still baffled by the number of unrepaired ball marks I see. Drives me nuts.
my pro has. i leave the analysis to him.
i'd be lucky to break 110 on any 7000+ yard course. a US Open setup? no chance. i can barely break 90 on a course with a slope of 112.
fixed that for ya.
Chambers Bay, March 8th, 8:36 AM. 3 open spots. Who's in?
Depends on how far you want to drive and what your budget is. If you don't mind a little drive, the Olympic course at Gold Mountain in Bremerton is awesome. There's also Trophy Lake and McCormick Woods over on that side of the water, both nice courses. An hour up I-90 is Suncadia Resort; they have a Arnold Palmer course that's tough, but well worth the trip. Bring your sand game. Over in Bellevue is Newcastle GC, spendy but one of the nicest courses in the...
He got it a little across the line at the top back then.
My tee shot on #10 at Nile yesterday was something I didn't know I was capable of. The hole is 396 yards, plays down a hill and back up, with the green above the tee. I wasn't trying to do anything special, but my drive ended up 5 yards inside the 100 yard marker and it was plugged. I know the tee box was up a few yards, though how many I don't know. But a 280+ carry in a right to left wind made me pretty happy. And yes, I hit my approach fat and made bogey. :D
I play in a scramble there every year. The Olympic course is outstanding. I'd be up for a round any time. :)
I'm in the Bothell area. Would love to connect and play a round with any of you fellows. My favorite course up here is Chambers Bay, hands down. That place is amazing. I rotate between Legion Memorial, Nile GC, Willow's Run and Walter Hall mostly because of their proximity to my place. I need to get over and play West Seattle - I hear it's a pretty decent track.
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