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When I watched him at the BMW Skins Game I don't think he missed a fairway all day. Awesome player for sure.
As another Seattle golfer, this is one part of the game I know fairly well. :) Preparation is everything for bad weather golf. Some of my most enjoyable rounds have been played in the rain. I hate using a power cart in general, but I detest it in the rain. Easier to stay dry walking with an umbrella for me. If I've got my push cart, I can usually get by without the rain gloves as the cart has an umbrella holder that helps keep my towel and grips dry. I have a pair...
i saw a buddy top a 3 wood so badly that he drove the ball straight down into the turf. the ball was flush with the grass. :D
In Rick Reilly's book Who'd Your Caddy? he mentions Daly using Titleist clubs that he'd purchased. So there's precedent for it anyway; could be as simple as JD liking those clubs.
It's not the temperature of the air that matters as much as the temperature of the ball. Cold rubber compresses less than hot, which means less energy transfer. Pinpointing exactly how much distance is affected is difficult to say the least, but there's no question the temperature makes a difference. I routinely play in sub 40 degree weather, and I'm at least a full club shorter than in the heat of summer, in some cases two. Keeping your balls warm prior to and during...
That's my old home town... wish I could join you. Ancil Hoffman GC is my favorite course anywhere. Classic old parkland style track.
Trump National is a little rich for my blood. $375/person I should have a morning to devote to the round, so a little travel time is fine. Would like to play 18 holes on a decent course. Coming from Seattle, all I really want is some sunshine. Played this one? http://chesterwashington.americangolf.com/
i'm coming down to Los Angeles on business later this month, and i'm going to make time for a round while i'm there. i'll be in the LAX vicinity. can anyone recommend a good course to play?
Get a urethane ball (pro v1, B330, HX 56, etc.). Any wedge shot struck flush with those should spin. Good ball-first contact is key.
I do this pretty regularly. I have an old set of Tommy Armour 709s that I take to the range. I'll even play a local par 3 course with them sometimes. They really force me to focus and pay attention to fundamentals. I've occasionally hit really good shots with them, and they feel amazing when that happens. Of course, when I miss a shot, which happens more often then not, they hand me my ass. :)
New Posts  All Forums: