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Longest Drive (flat hole) - 290 (I've cracked 300 a few times, but always on downhill holes) Longest Eagle Streak - never made one Longest Birdie Streak - 1 Most Birdies in a Round - 1 Lowest Number of Putts - really need to start keeping track Lowest Score - 88 (par 72), 43 for 9 holes (par 36) Longest Hole-Out - 45 yds Number of ACES - 0 Number of Double-Eagles - 0 hmm, i better get to work. :)
i forgot about rory. it does seems that adams decided it was time to open their wallets and sign some young PGA Tour studs. neither of those gents would have come cheap.
http://www.smartmoney.com/news/pr/in...02-000649-0937 Not surprising that he's moved on from MacGregor, but wouldn't have guessed he'd go to Adams. It will be interesting to see what sticks end up in his bag. At the BMW skins game his irons were forged MacGregor blades (they weren't the M675s, not sure of the model) and Adams doesn't make that type of club. The Idea Pro Forged is still a cavity back. He wasn't using a hybrid of any kind either, which is Adams' bread and...
I'm not really one of those double type A people, but I use a Sun Mountain MPB that has full length dividers for every club. Every club has a home, and nothing really changes. Driver and 3 wood on top, hybrid-4i-5i in the next row, 6i-7i-8i-9i next, then PW-50-56-60 on the bottom. Putter goes in the separate putter well unless it's raining. All that said, I've really been jonesing for a lighter bag, so this is all subject to change. :)
favorite: 75 yard low spinner sand wedge from a tight fairway lie least favorite: long downhill putt for bogey
I've played with a caddie twice. Once was fairly recent, at Chambers Bay. My caddie was a pro who carried for, and had seven wins with, Rosie Jones. He was absolutely awesome. I shot a 92 my first time out on a very difficult course, a score that easily would have been 10 shots higher without him guiding me around. As a 21 hcp at the time I was thrilled with that score. So yeah, I can definitely see the benefit in having a good caddie, something most of the pros...
to make my first eagle.
2 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Didn't get to go.
I'm free to play golf on Sunday, but the forecast calls for rain/snow showers and temperatures in the 30s. That would normally cause me to opt for the couch instead, but I got an email from Chambers Bay announcing their winter rates. Now I'm thinking I might just get in full rain gear, pack up the push cart and go play, weather be damned. Where do you draw the line on weather?
Post 44 by AnalogAG: Post 45 by niblick: I'm not sure how those support your argument. There aren't very many 20+ handicaps who have posted in this thread. Forgive me if I don't take kindly to being called a liar. I answered a simple question. I was not sticking up for anyone but myself. Gosh, thanks. Glad you could enlighten me. I guess the issue is this thread is about clubhead speed. Your tirade is about claims of distance, of which I made none. No, I'm not....
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