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Yup. I rarely hit a SW other than a chip of 20 yds in. I love hitting the knock down PW. Comes in low, controllabe and stops
Fitting in time to play/practice again. After a shoulder injury then training for a half ironman then wrecking a motorcycle (injuring shoulder again) I can finally say I can swing a club again. I've played once this year and didn't pick up a stick beforehand to even see if I could still hit it. Starting Stack and Tilt and my major goal would be the tee ball. I lose way too many strokes with OB and lost balls off the tee. To watch me off the tee and then from 170 in...
You can talk to a slice but a hook won't listen :D During a round I seem to be able to straighten out a hook quicker than a slice but for overall scoring.. Hook is the devil. Trees don't stop it most of the time
3 is the best I've done. Funny thing is I prefer par 3's because my iron game is 100x better than woods. I rarely birdie a par 5 even though I'm a longish hitter. Never know where the driver or 3 wood is going
I should receive the book tomorrow. I have the DVD's and just can't watch them. The delivery is horrid and boring. I'm sure the information is good but I just can't sit through them. Here's to hoping the book is better :D
I won't play a shot that might damage my club. Don't care what the rules are in that situation On busy days I'll play a lost ball where I didn't hit a provisional like a lateral hazard. I've lost a few in the rough at some courses around here When I go OB and didn't hit a provisional I don't go back to the tee. I drop next to the OB stake and hit 4. I just assume I went back to the tee and hit my next drive the same way except it didn't go OB :D
Why does it have to be a 36 handicapper? If you're playing a busy course on the weekend and you didn't hit a provisional only to find your ball OB and you walk back to the tee box.. You're gonna be pissing some folks off. If I'm playing behind you i'm gonna be irritated
I swing easier to get less spin and lower trajectory. Was working on it last night with a 5 iron. Abbreviated swing, choke down and swing easier. Into a nasty headwind I was losing 15-20 yards but the ball flight was MUCH lower and the wind was affecting it less
2 rounds this year. Lost interest
Ok. I'm getting to desperate now. I began last summer playing to about a 10 handicap and I can honestly say it was 100% due to my shortgame. My game off the tee is atrocious. I'm not talking it skirts the tree line etc I'm talking when I miss it's GONE. Then I hit 3 off the tee and that one might be GONE also. I don't carry a driver and it gets to the point where I hit 5 iron off the tee. I strike the ball solid but my problem is I don't know where I miss. I can't...
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