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Bumping a old thread I know. Is this the same concept Michael Breed uses on the Golf Fix when he puts a Swim Floatie over his right elbow? If so, might be a cheaper alternative.
In the first post, it looks like half the pro's have a slightly bent leg and half half a straightened leg. I don't see where it says what the left leg has to do, it just talks about hips. I want to know the goal of the left leg at impact. Slightly bent or fully straight? When I practice, I can practically slide my hips the same amount forward or even farther with my belt buckle still staying relatively perpendicular to the target line. So "sliding the hips" thought...
Thanks David. A question about the left leg. As the hips slide forward, and the right knee is moving towards the target, does the left knee straighten at impact? In the video I posted, the forward hip slide that he recommends not to do is pretty exaggerated. I've never seen pro swings come close to coming the hips laterally that much, but the video guy doesn't straighten his legs when he is showing that example. When I see a lot of swing vision vids, it seems like...
Is this guy wrong?
Which courses do you play in SoCal?
Your talking on the downswing only correct? So, you want your right knee to pass over the inside tripod leg and not hit the tripod head? Just to clarify.
What did he do during the week that made Couples act tough?
I think a better term is "trapping" the ball.
Can you show a video of your swing or someone else's illustrating "deep quickly" and correctly?
What kind of grip do you have?
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