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Yup ! Feels wise ZO win by a mile... I still keep my ZO , and I have 2 set of them lol !
I moved fr ZO to AP2 714 early this ..lol I love ZO more but 714 is more forgiving ..
I like her because she has not not quit the games although so many people take her as a laughing stock ...( before 2014 ) . Her table top putting etc.
Compacting & Steepen my swing ....
Hi mvmac   You are doing lots of HIIT / Tabata etc.  , how is the result compare to tranditional strenght training for your golf game ?   Thanks
Spartans 300 Workout ..   in 32 minutes .
I'm using Rudy Project Argon with Golf Photochromatic Lens , it come with a optical adapter for prescription.   I have to agreed with Rob that polarize lens are not good for reading the green especaillythe grain .
I m going thru swing change  and my score goes up too.   From mid 70s to low  high 70s and low 80s.   I want to improve and leaverage my my lag furhter , and also change my shots from fade to straight.   Recently, i went to see a TPI Golf Coach , and i learned that i have some physical limitation in my swing .   He gave me some workout program to improve my flexibility and mobility .   I m currently working on it and it does show some improvement.
Some Update Of my putting stats after play it for like 20 rounds . I use Shotzoom on my iPhone to track my score . Putts for last 5 rounds 1.69 per Hole 1.86 per GIR All 50 rounds 1.79 per hole 1.92 per GIR I think I gained about 2 strokes for GiR ( correct me if I m wrong )
2 months and about 10 rounds with Edel Putter, i have improved significantly 20 footers long putts , speed and distance control are much better .
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