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my first thought as well!  
Thanks guys, well i go back to the doctor in a week after my first visit in 6yrs, on my first visit he suspected that scoliosis has been putting a large amount of stress on discs in my back and more then likely some have herniated. My reflexes on my left arm/hand were non existent and with that added to the location of the pain i was feeling, the doctor feels that i have some compressed nerves that are also giving me problems. I can't wait for my next Dr. appointment so...
Thanks to everyone for posting in this thread and I tried every suggestion except for going to a yoga class (the closest class was still pretty far away)....... and the one suggestion that did the trick?     I have scoliosis       
now what if..... you sink a putt from 15 feet and before you can pick your ball out of the hole, an earthquake shakes the ball out of the cup and back onto the green?   
it looks like you are taking it back way to the inside which can induce an over the top move back to the ball. I'd suggest hitting some balls with some clubs layed on the ground, parallel to your target.
me too
I think the tears that were shed by your son shows just how much the game means to him and how much he enjoys playing well. I would let your son determine if he plays in any more tournaments (sounds like he wants to) that way the game will never feel like a chore to him. In your next tourny, I would reinforce the idea in him that the only thing that matters is that he has fun while golfing.
thank you for all the replies thus far, i will absolutely be looking into some simple yoga movements to add to my daily stretching routine. I do walk every round of golf I play and I usually play 2-3 rounds of 18 holes per week, but i do this while carrying my bag which is most likely contributing to my back problems. I think I will be purchasing a push cart soon to try and take some more stress off the back. I played a round yesterday and was wondering during my round,...
I've been suffering from a sore lower/mid back for a while now and it is starting to affect my golf game for the worse. I've started to hook the ball more and more since i've been dealing with this back pain and I think this is because my posture has changed when setting up to the ball. I've notice that I have been setting up farther away from the ball and getting a more hunched over back. When I corrected my posture and got closer to the ball, it instantly felt familiar...
any source for this info??
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