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I use two different grips.  Golf Pride VDR midsize on my irons and wedges, and Winn Lite midsize on my hybrid, 3-wood, and driver.  The Winn Lite is because I run these clubs a little shorter then normal (44.5" driver, 42.5" 3-wood, and 40" hybrid) so the lite grips help keep the swingweights in the normal range.  Just switched to these last weekend, first time using midsize grips, but so far I'm very happy with them.  I have big hands, XL gloves, and probably should...
I'm a little ocd so I like certain things to match.  I want my wedges to be the same, my irons obviously, and prefer my driver/fairway/hybrids to match.  Right now I play Mizuno irons and Titleist everything else just because that is what I'm really liking at the moment.  I like the consistent look of my hybrid, fairway, and driver having the same look and setup.  That being said I'm not 100% sold on the 3 wood yet so that could change, but I love the driver and hybrid...
I hit both and decided I could live with a nice used 909 for $150 rather then drop $400 for the 910.  Loving the 909 right now but if I ever get consistent enough with my driver to where fine tuning the ball flight via the adjustable head would be worthwhile I might spring for the 910.  
I really wanted the new 910, it's a beautiful driver and I love the feel.  Went to the shop to trade in a few clubs towards one but ended up finding a bunch of 909 D2s in the used section.  I hit 4 different setups of the 909 and about the same of the 910.  In the end I went with a 909 D2 9.5* w/ Diamana Blue stiff shaft.  Numbers were very similar to the best of the 910s I hit.  As cool as the adjustability is I don't think I need it right now.  My driver swing is...
I can say that I absolutely love my MX-200.  I find them pretty high launching, very forgiving and with a great feel.  I use the XP shafts in stiff and have been quite happy with them.
I don't know about soaking them, might take off the paintfill.  I just use a little on a paper towel or a rag and rub away.  It's a little tenacious but it will come off eventually.  They sure are better looking once removed...I think those decals are hideous myself, but the irons themselves look great once naked.  
Yeah, i just looked for acetone nail polish removed and used that on a small rag.  Worked great with a little effort.  
yeah, I'm not sure what Miz was thinking with the MX-200 and MX-300.  I guess maybe trying to compete for people who were not the typical Mizuno customer and who were used to seeing the flashing looking clubs.  Instead I think a lot of people who bought them were people like me who like Mizuno clubs and the clean look of them but didn't quite have the swing for the MP series.  I bought mine knowing I would take the decals off...and did so within 10 minutes of getting...
I did that to mine.  Use a wood tee to pry up the decal and cleaned up the little glue residue with acetone.  Worked great.  Only pic I have is this before/after shot:     Sorry, it's a crappy pic, all I had was my iPhone.  Still, absolutely love these irons and how they look once they decals were removed.
Yeah, $30 is a lot in the iPhone app world but really it replaces a $300 GPS unit, in that regards it's incredibly cheap. I just used it last night and it just reaffirmed that it was probably the best $30 I have spent on golf stuff. It is so useful every single time I go out and play. Plus it has every course I play, even the small town ones around here that are missing from many other GPS apps.
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