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I've been struggling with an outside-in swing path for years which sometimes causes slicing, but over time I've manipulated my club face enough to where it's usually just a straight pull or a gentle fade.  I've tried a few things but I always seem to revert back to my outside-in swing.   I found this video on YouTube that looks perfect for me.  The question is, is this good advice?  I've been told from a young age to start the downswing with the lower part of my...
I used to be quite fond of my 5 wood, but after months and months of shanking it, I finally replaced it with a 4 hybrid.  Both go the same distance, a bit over 200 yards.  Should have done it years ago.   I still carry a 3 wood but unless I'm looking to hit a green more than 220 yards away, I usually hit my 2 hybrid which is much less erratic.
50s this weekend in NY. Might have to play Sat and Sun to make up for lost time. Already got my Sat tee time.
I was just playing around with the Swing by Swing app on my phone and if you zoom to a certain area and search blank it will pop up all courses it knows (which is very nearly all of them). Very useful.
Off the top if my head I would guess you're hitting too many drivers off the tee when a hybrid or iron might be a better choice in some cases
I second the e6 for beginners. They sell bags of them used on Amazon.
I spend about the same each year but I'm comfortable enough with my finances to know I can afford it. I actually think I should spend more to play better, less crowded courses and increase my enjoyment. And the past few years I've taken really nice golf trips with friends ($800-1000) that I can hope to do more of.
I tried a dozen or so putters a few years ago and walked out with an Odyssey Rossie. Wasn't expecting to at all but it felt the best to me. Been putting well (for me at least) ever since. Also, even though I'm 6'2 it's relatively short at 34 inches cause my stance is fairly hunched over. Definitely pay attention to lengths.
Thanks, I'm playing around with Google searching "golf course" on the map and it's listing pretty much everything in the area, including some ranges and instruction facilities.  Will still have to cross-check whether I can actually play the course, but at least I'll have all the options.  
I screwed up a bunch of shots around the green last time out.  After the round, I realized that I was focusing too much on making a perfect shot (and tapping in), rather than focusing on execution.  I would be much better served focusing on the feel of the shot and keeping my weight forward than trying to land it perfectly and have it roll perfectly toward the hole.
New Posts  All Forums: