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What is the official sandtrap definition of waggle? Its not shaking your rear end is it? I'm thinking its more settling your body into the shot. That I do, followed by some re-gripping.
 How does this affect you exactly? If the fedex ratings are not quite up to speed?
 Sadly, I sort of have to agree, even as a non-Tiger fan. No other big names were even playing as far as I could see. Its like the week after a major everyone is hung over, I suppose it was good for the PGA that Tiger decided to play, money wise.
If you took away all of Pettersson's bogies for the last two rounds, he would have the lead at -20.
I called it, Tiger to double bogey and take himself out of contention (via text of course)
 I don't buy that anymore at all, I lose most of my strokes on wayward drives (stymied, bad rough, just plain lost, etc), and can two putt 90% of the time.
Yesterday I shot a disappointing 10 over on a par 36 course. Started out with a quad bogey on the hole I birdied the last time around. Raised my handicap (nothing official, just oobgolf) to an even 10. Today I shot +5 on a par 34, slightly better, but still should have avoided a double on one hole.   Driving has been erratic.
I play with a guy that will routinely give three footers. Not just mercy gives when putting for double, but for pars and such. Not sure why, but its just aggravating. I mean the poor guy wont learn how to sink the short ones.
I am hoping Carl Petterrson pulls it off
SW - 90 GW ~ 110 PW ~ 125 9 ~ 135 8 ~ 145 7 ~ 155 6 ~ 165 5 ~ 180 4H ~ 205 3W ~ 230 D ~ 250
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