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I know, I know, I'm supposed to hate Bubba on this forum.
When Bubba is playing well, he is playing well. He had a number of 3-5 footers that a man of lesser nerve might have choked on. He stayed strong through to the end, had some bad shots, but managed to avoid catastrophes.   He is definitely a strong player on tour, not the best by any means, he has his weaknesses, but a very strong player.
Its Bubba's to lose now I think.
Its probably going to be another awesome Sunday. Harman played so great yesterday to take the lead, now Bubba is fighting back.
There is nothing going on to suggest that golf is on the decline. The $13 per 9 muni is packed Sat and Sun every weekend, but the $60-$100 "nicer" course is also packed.   Golf enthusiasts don't play based on who is winning on the PGA tour, they play because its a personal challenge every single time and a opportunity for fellowship with friends and strangers.
Jordan is still brand new to the tour! If he keeps even close to this pace, consistency alone, there is no telling what he could do in the next 15-20 years.   He is in the top 10 more than 50% of the time this season.
     I just reviewed some footage of the playoff, it didnt look like he had ANY injury going. No distinct limp or anything, no sign of injury.
 Do you know Jason? I find it had to imagine you know exactly how he feels without speaking to him directly....
Well this poll was created under the scenario that Day won....lmfao If Day cannot possibly win the poll, then why are you taking pride in the fact that Tiger won the poll....?!?
 Actually playing with a dizzy head and not even being able to stand up is a much bigger accomplishment than a slightly hurt leg. I would give the vote to Day based on that. I'd much rather play with a sore leg than totally dizzy and not able to stand on my feet.....Day all the way Also, the irrational love for tiger on here is as ridiculous as any hate...."so clearly Tiger " It looks like something a 14 year old girl talking about Justin Bieber would write.
New Posts  All Forums: