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I play with a guy that will routinely give three footers. Not just mercy gives when putting for double, but for pars and such. Not sure why, but its just aggravating. I mean the poor guy wont learn how to sink the short ones.
I am hoping Carl Petterrson pulls it off
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 GASP, you mean "Spiethproof" the course?
 I have a 12 hole course near here in Fishkill, NY. Its a nice change of pace but not worth much. I'm sure there are other courses with unusual number of holes, but its rare I feel because its so strange. If you want to go down that road, why aren't there tennis courts with a net half the height? Why aren't there basketball courts with 8 foot rims? The 6 inch hole would be a big let down. I mean honestly, would anyone but absolutely the worst uncoordinated new players miss...
 Not to defend Tiger, but lets see how Jordan is acting when he hits 30 before we make judgements, he is still in the PGA honeymoon phase probably.
So every hole on the course is a par 3? Like a pitch and putt.   If you managed to bogey only 4 of the holes for a 4 over, Id say that is great.   Par 3s on a regular course can be a lot more challenging, but on a pitch and putt they are usually flat and errant shots are not too penalized. But its still good to be only 4 over for 9 holes.
I flew the green right and long on a par 3. It has a tough steep back side. I was off to the side and down 6 feet from the green. With a 60 degree wedge, I hit the perfect little chip to 4 feet, made the up and down. Best up and down of the season.
4 over on a short 9 hole course. 38. Par 34.   5 pars 4 bogeys. No blow ups, no 3 putts.
I don't think golf is an antagonist of this. I have it big time in my left hand from guitar. Have to wear a brace at night. But I never got numbness playing golf.
New Posts  All Forums: