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He is making baby steps!
83. Not a terrible day, could have putted a little better. I feel that I may break 80 by the end of this season if I can pull it together in every area for a round.
 At my level, balls should really dont make a difference. I cannot tell much from a ProV1 to a mid range Nike. But for the love of God, almost any Top Flite I have tried to hit literally feels like a rock. I don't know what it is, but that's the honest truth.
Isn't a captain really there to rally up the troops? Do they discuss specific strategy or just leave that up to the players. I mean what is there to say for the captain, "listen, we need you to win this match..."   I think Daly would be a good captain, he is talkative and outgoing, has charisma and personality.   I don't thnk guys like Phil or Tiger would make a good captain, their personalities are lacking.
Hell I used to live near rail road tracks that ran parallel (on the right side) with a Par 5 at Trump National Hudson Valley. I would go along with a back pack and collect NOTHING but premium balls by the dozen. That was living....now I'm restricted to the munis, but I'll play almost anything I find.
 Well I never no matter what pick up balls when holes are going back and forth, next to each other, because of just that. If I'm on a secluded hole with no neighboring fairways, then I feel they can be picked up safely.
Ok so so far its not that frowned upon to pick em up.   I play pretty much exclusively with found balls. Some kind of superstition. I was given a box of NXT Tour Ss, and proceeded to lose a sleeve a round until they were gone.   Past couple weeks I have been playing with the same ball I found for 3 rounds.
What is everyone's opinion on taking balls from the woods when playing? Do you consider it stealing from the course? Or finders keepers?   Bear in mind almost all courses typically have the 2 for 1 used ball bucket that undoubtedly is from their own staff finding balls around the course?   For example, I rip a drive hard right into the woods, take a minute or two (if there is no group right behind) to find the ball and come across a couple pristine ProV1s. What is the...
In today's political environment, a gay golfer.
I would suspect that for every tour pro, there are a number of guys that can shoot the same scores in a casual round on the same course. But they can only do it when they play their best, and they probably cannot do it at all under tournament pressure while the world is looking on via TV and such.   I bet there are guys that frequent this site that can break par on a pro course from the championship tees, but only once in a blue moon, and with no added pressure.
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