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Maybe the bottles were going for 300-500 a piece. Not that much of a load. But someone must have seen someone carrying something out...
  What IF tiger won a major in this 50s like Watson ALMOST did? What if aliens landed on the planet and suddenly gave me a +20 handicap?
  I can't even slight Tiger in the least without getting some sort of rebuttal from you can I?   Lets see we have this thread whacking Bubba, the multiple threads whacking Sergio, a couple here and there on Phil, don't even get me started on how much hate there is towards Nick Faldo on here, but Tiger? Nothing but praise.   I bet Tiger could go on a child killing spree and you would find some twisted way to defend it.
  Yes he is a great family man. Screwed his way out of his marriage with strippers, etc...What a family man! LOL
its almost comical how every golfer save for tiger gets chomped up and spit out on this forum
Well its working, he made the news, and is the instigator of many a forum thread...
If you are playing in 4 hours or less with a group then you are not playing slow, there is no reason for you to bother anyone.   That's a fast round by today's standards.   I would rather play with a 200 handicap good pace player than some Big Break wanna-be single digit that takes 10 minutes a shot.
Phil, a 74 on Sunday, come on man, pull it together.  
Sure, Tiger is God. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.
 Or just maybe the two guys in the lead lol. 4 shots back is a LOT in a US Open.
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