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How do you figure? Plenty of golfers have shot the same scores so far. There are a whole bunch at +3. How do you figure its all about Tiger?
  well what are you supposed to do? I thought you were going to say you typically just hit a mulligan and re-start the round.
Can anyone give me a definition of "bunny slope" as it relates to golf. The closest this thread comes to it is suggesting bunny slope is a very easy, short 9 hole course. If that's so, what does that have to do with non-conforming clubs.   BTW, non-conforming clubs will probably have a huge market, there are a lot of people who fall for gimmicks all the time, especially in the world of golf. The percentage of golfers who will commit themselves to the point of...
Nice to see Bubba up there on the board. Hopefully he can keep it together all weekend  
  That is a bad reason to support such a ban.
Getting greenside in two on a par 5 and then chunking the pitch/chip (which should be a no brainer to get the GIR)   Did it yesterday, set the tone for the whole round.
Its been legalized in those states, so of course its legal to smoke and golf.   Probably will hurt your game a lot less than a few beers unless it makes you paranoid.
Definition of GOD-FEARING : having a reverent feeling toward God : devout   This is from Merrion Webster, a real dictionary.   But thanks for your skewed attempted definition.
  There would be no controversy in either thread if Tiger simply played by the rules. Like I said, this is 2 in a row involving some problem with Tiger.   If he just played well I would have no problem, but he has to create these problems.   When is the last freaking time that a PGA player played out of turn? Can anyone tell me?
Because he is Tiger and the PGA lets him do what he wants at all times.   I understand he brings a lot to the PGA, but altering the rules for his play is wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: