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The problem around here is ranges cost 10-12 bucks a bucket, and i can go play a twilight 9 for the same price. Why wouldn't I just play golf for the same price?   I'm not going to Q school anytime soon, but my scores are improving.
He is going to have to start winning again. He is still a relatively young competitor and should still be able to play prime golf. He needs to hit 18 majors or more. Problem is he isn't competing against Faldo and Norman anymore. The new jacks are so good these days.
 That's pretty much the type of logic people use to elevate Tiger to "GOAT". Field comparisons, scoring averages, etc.... But the fact is he still doesn't hold either the most majors of most pga victories. He is without a doubt one of the greatest of all time, but not THE greatest of all time.
Is it me or does 50% of the Tour Talk forum merely consist of childish bickering about Tiger this or Tiger that. Why doesn't Tiger have his own forum in the clubhouse yet? Admins?
What does the Tiger club think is happening to the strength of the field now? Did it peak during Tiger's reign, and is now going back down, which would facilitate the idea that you now need to win more majors than Tiger or Jack to be the best? Or is the strength of the field still going up, so that one day maybe it'll only take 5-6 majors to be declared the best player of all time?   Tiger's reign, for the time being is over, so does that devalue all major winners in...
I broke 90 for the first time and shot an honest 82 with future in-laws. Not sure how I did it, was so nervous about playing well. First time on a new course, it was an easy course, but I kept the ball in play off the tee and shot only 2 over on the front nine, and 8 over on the back.   Up and down between the front and back but I managed a great score for myself, now the only problem is I'll expect myself to shoot around that all the time...   Highlights include a 70...
We may never see a modern era grand slam, and today more and more amateurs are on top of the leaderboard. An amateur win is much more likely.
It seems to start in October and end the following October.   Pretty simple really, and straightforward. 47 tournaments including 4 majors.
Its very well known that a true grand slam is all majors in the same year. Golf, tennis, whatever else.   There is a very great reason they coined the phrase "Tiger Slam".   If you want to delude yourself into thinking Tiger won a real grand slam in order to put your hero on a pedestal, that's fine, but it doesn't change the definition of a grand slam.    This is the only place I've ever seen the case made that Tiger won a real grand slam.   People want to talk...
 He has also only been on tour for 3 years, and he is 21 years old. He set a pace which demands attention, that is the discussion. Could he fizzle out? Sure, but he hasn't done so yet.
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