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LOL at Tiger lovers.   If you actually believe what you say you must have no idea of reality. Sergio was in the middle of his freakin swing when the "Tiger" crowd erupted.   There is no real knowing what happened, but its possible Tiger tried to screw up Sergio, not for sure, but its possible.
Chew gum. The only thing smoking is good for on a course is when you have to wait to tee off.  
Tiger Woods is a god. Anyone or anything that may cause Tiger some kind of disruption, be it during a round or after, must be slammed in a thread. Anyone who dares challenge Tiger on any level must be slammed in a thread     I think that sums up the bulk of the thesandtrap.com   By the way, this is two tournaments in a row where Tiger has had some sort of controversy involving improving his chances....CHEATER!
Do you honestly believe that smoking will be eradicated in this country, ever?
  Well put. Some comments on here are almost creepy when it comes to letting everyone know how much they love Tiger.
  How do you come about an observation like "F*** he's good"? What about Sergio? What about the rest of the guys that are -9, -8?   Are they terrible?
LOL. A random website comparing phrases, and you cite them.   How many religion threads do we need on the sandtrap? And the head admin allows them to continue in the completely wrong sections. I guess I know where he stands on it.
  Because people like the little buzz. Same reason people drink, which is 100000000% more potentially harmful than smoking when abused.   Guess what, Uncle Sam makes a killing on both so they are not going anywhere.   Complain about it? All you accomplish is a higher blood pressure.
So it is your argument that he never signed an incorrect score card. OK.
I don't always smoke on the course. But when I do, I smoke because some 4some ahead of me is playing like its their own property.
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