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Now that I think about it, this so called rule that states that the rules committee has the ability to lessen an otherwise DQable offense is perhaps the WORST rule in golf. Golf rules are black and white, this "open for interpretation" rule ruins everything.   The ruling committee has the ability to choose who gets DQed, based on what? Who they are? That is blasphemy is I ever saw it.  
  Yeah. What if????   2013 Masters Champion - Tiger Woods    *
  Did Bubba's caddy once caddie for Woods, then go on to criticize the "holy" Woods? No. That's why there was not a thread about that.
  Really? Steve Williams has a poor understanding of the rules? That's saying a lot for the most famous caddie on tour. Are there any other caddies that can say they won majors with more than one player?   This was a brand new rule, effectively, because they had never utilized it before, and my guess is its going to be quite a while before its enforced again, unless Tiger signs another bad score card anytime soon in the future.   Face it, the masters head honchos made...
  Might I ask what county your family originates from?
You know I played proV1s yesterday vs. NXT Tour that I was playing earlier.   I found that ball did get me more distance (on clean well struck shots), better "bites" on the greens, etc. This is the first time I thought the ball was making such a difference. I'm going to stick to ProV1s for a bit as long as I have some in my bag and see if my general play improves at all over a longer period of time.   Luckily I get my proV1s for free on the rail road tracks parallel to a...
  The entire black population is only about 13-14%.   Do you think Augusta should implement some sort of affirmative action program to even up the percentages?   If so, don't forget Native American, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, or do those not count as much as black?
39 on a par 34 9 hole course. One damn double cost me an exceptional score for me. I putted great though. Sank several 6-10 footers.
I played an odd ball 12 hole course yesterday early afternoon, Fishkill, and I waited like I never waited before. Damn father, mother and son threesome two groups ahead were playing like the course was on their own property.   I'll attribute the doubles to my aggrivation.  
  By my math, Couples would have won if he didn't blow it on the weekend...again.
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