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Adam Scott is building a great resume. 9 PGA wins, several on other tours, the Augusta magic got a hold of him this weekend.   A exquisite display of putting won the tournament, sadly its just going to feed the anchored putting fiasco in a way that it has not been fed before.   I'd say that 18 through the whole playoff was the most exciting masters action I can remember. Hats off to Cabrera for being a real sportsman as well.  
  If Tiger won this tournament in the wake of this controversy, then it would be the biggest slap in the face / insult the game has seen in a while.   ANYONE else would have been DQed. They kept Tiger because of his popularity and what he brings to the tournament.   Whoever is in charge of this decision at Augusta National just lost a lot of credibility for the club.
Augusta knows tiger not playing the weekend would cause a huge loss of revenue. This is why this decision was made. Anyone else. Gone
Shot a 45 on a par 34 9 hole course. Vassar College. Pretty dissapointing considering I shot 38 on the same course yesterday.   Took a triple after losing my first ball on one par 4. Doubled a par 3.   Wish I was more consistent but its early in the season I guess.
Shot 45 on the winter course (par 36). Two doubles ruined my chances of doing better than bogey. Overall I cannot complain with even bogey at my level though.   Cannot wait for the other courses to start opening around here!
Golf is just fine. In fact, now with Tiger back in full swing, on the news in the morning, etc..., I bet this is going to be one of the best years for golf in a long time.   Anytime Tiger wins, I bet a whole slew of people go out and buy clubs.
Thanks will try these tips today. I generally concentrate on a flat wrist when i will take a stronger grip and see how it goes. Maybe i can beat my 0% GIR from the other day....
I was lucky enough to have my season debut round the other day, and while I played rather well for myself (46 on a par 36) considering I hadn't played in almost 8 months, I was pushing all irons. As a result I had 0% GIR.    Imay be able to get a swing video up later today, but anyone got any initial ideas why? Im thinking maybe my arms are lagging behind my body, i.e. turning too fast. Strongly considering taking a very strong grip to bandaid the problem when I go...
  I am relatively pleased with this score considering it was the first time out this year. 43 degrees, course was soaked due to snow melt. Only two doubles or worse. My goal was to shoot bogey (perceived handicap), so one off aint to bad.   Had some lovely sand wedge up and downs, I read the greens well (good considering I had 0% GIR!!), and A LOT of fun. I can't wait until things dry up a little more and the weather hits, maybe 50.   Can't believe I tripled...
Par 5. Driver...3 wood to about 7 feet. Sunk it.
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