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  How do you come about an observation like "F*** he's good"? What about Sergio? What about the rest of the guys that are -9, -8?   Are they terrible?
LOL. A random website comparing phrases, and you cite them.   How many religion threads do we need on the sandtrap? And the head admin allows them to continue in the completely wrong sections. I guess I know where he stands on it.
  Because people like the little buzz. Same reason people drink, which is 100000000% more potentially harmful than smoking when abused.   Guess what, Uncle Sam makes a killing on both so they are not going anywhere.   Complain about it? All you accomplish is a higher blood pressure.
So it is your argument that he never signed an incorrect score card. OK.
I don't always smoke on the course. But when I do, I smoke because some 4some ahead of me is playing like its their own property.
I suppose all of you can do a better job that Mr. C at commentary. Why don't you have his job then?  
Well then why not marry children? Whose to say that a 17 year old is so much less advanced than an 18 year old. For that matter, a 21 year old vs an 18 year old. Its all arbitrary.   Homosexual marriage is legal in what states deem in legal, and that's that. Other states have more sense, and therefore continue traditional (shall I say, biological) marriage. Last time I checked, two men cannot make a child.
  Not a bad idea. As long as all the Christian hating, gay-promoting, suicide-bombing people keep to themselves.
Chris Kluwe was fired because he pulled stunt after stunt violating NFL policy.   I'm quite sure if someone took the opposing position as strong as Kluwe took his, they would be fired as well.  
  You use the term bible thumper to be inflamatory, admit it. If you are going to name call and then put up some silly argument like "that's what they call themselves", I guess one can say the same thing about the N word in describing African Americans.   Just admit you hate the right wing and are quite leftist yourself.   There is nothing special about admitting you are gay in this day and age. LIKE I SAID BEFORE, mainstream society accepts gays. There will always be a...
New Posts  All Forums: