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I drove a green I never drove before last summer. Something like 290 a little uphill. I apologize but the group ahead just said nice drive. Does this mean I always have to wait on this hole to drive being that I drove it maybe 1 out of 100 times?    I guess so, or just hit an iron off the tee. One time hitting someone because they are too close is too many.
I Hate practicing thread necromancy, butI felt the need to chime in. Golf fanatics I believe hate the idea of non confirming equipment, even if all their play is strictly casual. I could say I have a normal looking driver that let's you hit it 400 and dead center every time, and I believe everyone here would give the same response. Non conforming seems arbitrary when it comes to some things, but non conforming is non conforming. Why don't I just shoot the ball out of a...
  For hardcore golf fans, this comment makes a lot of sense. I suppose a good chuck of people wont watch unless Tiger is playing, but I don't think that applies to say, people that regularly contribute to a golf forum....
  Are you saying that Tiger automatically gets paid an additional $3 million (give or take 1) for every tournament he plays in. I thought that was just for the Dubai stuff across the world.
  Which is nice...
Of course there are the kids who run in the property at 1 am with large backpacks and fill em up just to hit em into the woods.
  Man White Lion rocks. Vito Bratta is an extremely underrated guitarist.   I guess my first serious show was Van Halen in 98.
Had a great round by my standards. 3 over on a par 34.   I was EVEN through seven holes! Then I go bogie and double. Had back to back birdies which brought my back to even after an opening double.   Best shot was about 150 yards from the rough after a pushed drive. Landed it within 15 feet and sunk the bird!   Drove about 300 yards even on a downhill par 4 on the hole before that and chipped on and birdied as well.   Pushing drives cost me strokes, but at...
what about for the guy that drives 220. i assume it would have to be an eagle worthy hole for him. i consider myself long compared to my buddies, and getting on in 2 at 500 yards is a damn lucky great day making shot for me
Ok so whats the minimum distance a par 4 must be before it can be considered a legit eagle hole?   Also what about the distance for a par 5?
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