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 He absolutely can. He broke and tied all sorts of scoring / age records today. He is the new face of golf, for the Americans anyhow.
Woah. mind=blown
Is this a tough putt, it looks like its up on that bank. Could it easily roll way past?
I was sort of thinking it may be over but it was not that close, what a crazy turn of events...
If Spieth pulls this off, he is in the same book as Tiger, Jack, etc for me. The only thing that could derail him is a severe injury, or a mad SO coming at him with an 8 iron, heh heh.   Tiger completed the Non-Calendar Year Grand Slam, 4 consecutive majors, different seasons. if someone ever wins all 4 in the same season, it will be a real Grand Slam, and it will be better.
As long as I execute the shot I'm trying to go for, even if the result is not great. For example, last week I was 155 out, with woods right behind the green. I hit a great 7 iron, which has been my ~150 yard club, and sent the ball right into the woods on the fly. I consider it a good shot because I hit the ball well, and I realized my irons are getting a bit longer.   I would almost rather execute the shot and not have such a great result, than skull it or something and...
  Some things, like golf, are left up to people to perform.
Maybe the bottles were going for 300-500 a piece. Not that much of a load. But someone must have seen someone carrying something out...
  What IF tiger won a major in this 50s like Watson ALMOST did? What if aliens landed on the planet and suddenly gave me a +20 handicap?
  I can't even slight Tiger in the least without getting some sort of rebuttal from you can I?   Lets see we have this thread whacking Bubba, the multiple threads whacking Sergio, a couple here and there on Phil, don't even get me started on how much hate there is towards Nick Faldo on here, but Tiger? Nothing but praise.   I bet Tiger could go on a child killing spree and you would find some twisted way to defend it.
New Posts  All Forums: