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its almost comical how every golfer save for tiger gets chomped up and spit out on this forum
Well its working, he made the news, and is the instigator of many a forum thread...
If you are playing in 4 hours or less with a group then you are not playing slow, there is no reason for you to bother anyone.   That's a fast round by today's standards.   I would rather play with a 200 handicap good pace player than some Big Break wanna-be single digit that takes 10 minutes a shot.
Phil, a 74 on Sunday, come on man, pull it together.  
Sure, Tiger is God. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.
 Or just maybe the two guys in the lead lol. 4 shots back is a LOT in a US Open.
How do you figure? Plenty of golfers have shot the same scores so far. There are a whole bunch at +3. How do you figure its all about Tiger?
  well what are you supposed to do? I thought you were going to say you typically just hit a mulligan and re-start the round.
Can anyone give me a definition of "bunny slope" as it relates to golf. The closest this thread comes to it is suggesting bunny slope is a very easy, short 9 hole course. If that's so, what does that have to do with non-conforming clubs.   BTW, non-conforming clubs will probably have a huge market, there are a lot of people who fall for gimmicks all the time, especially in the world of golf. The percentage of golfers who will commit themselves to the point of...
Nice to see Bubba up there on the board. Hopefully he can keep it together all weekend  
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