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Most people cannot drive the ball 270 yards, its a par 4 for a reason.   Of course here on a golf forum, the percentage of people that have a chance to reach a 270 yard green in one goes up exponentially.   Hell I eagled a 290 yard hole after driving the green last weekend, and I'm a bogey golfer.
38 on a par 34 9 hole course. drove the green on par 4s twice resulting in a birdie and EAGLE!   felt i could have parredthe course but putting was off, everything running a little slower than my stroke thought   best day out so far gotta love eagles baby!
has anyone ever signed for something lower and gotten away with it in pga history?
wow thats some strange siruation. you can hit a 58 degree like a pro but cant chip with it?
New over $40000?? It looks like its a swing path reader, i.e. Optishot or p3proswing.   For $40000 I better be getting a high end launch monitor.  
  Man its 2012, get golfshot on your smartphone, case closed. Takes 10 seconds to record your score, puts, club used, penalties, sand shots, etc with your thumb...on your way to the next tee box. Best $30 I ever spent, period. GPS is limited, but easy.
I owned one once. I couldn't get into it. First I was afraid of crushing the sensors with a fat iron shot, so all I would use is a driver.   I guess if its accurate its ok, the p3proswing is the same deal but more expensive, I guess that means its better/more accurate?   You also have to have the room to set it up, not everyone has a high enough ceiling anywhere in the house. I was outside at dusk with my laptop on a chair trying to use the thing, lol. Tried the...
Shot a bogey 43 on a par 34 course. A mixed round with some troubling doubles and bogey saves.   5 one putts! My chipping was RIGHT on, the SW is becoming my friend, at least right around the green.  14 putts on the round all together.   Worst shot, 85 yards on a third shot for a par 5. Bladed it about 120 lol. Luckily the ball didn't go into the back yard right next to the green. I gotta remember there is nothing wrong with hitting a GW instead of a SW a short...
what if someone writes down a 3 when they took a 4? then signs the card isnt that a dq? intentional rule breaking should always be a dq. judgement call outside the literal bounds of the rules or not. in some cases an honest mistake can warrant a dq, but a malicious one should always be one!   i think when it comes to the pga, euro tour, honesty js always the best policy.
This article is so idiotic. Its basically some guy stroking his ego. Any non pro would be euphoric shooting an 82 on a course that some pros shot higher on it would have been more interesting if they had a bogey golfer shoot 200
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