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The PGA is a lower tier of sports considering sports fans. You know who watches golf? golfers. Everyone else watches football, baseball, etc... I suppose TV ratings would go down, big deal.
Do you consider it a draw/fade when it takes off left or right, or curves left to right? or both?
How is it so hard to understand? I would love to play that course from the tips just to play the exact same course as the most famous pros. Kind of like skiing down an olympic run, or playing a hockey game at madison square garden.
My HCI may be floating around 30, but through lessons I am very comftorable hitting my driver. Closing the clubface at address is a bad idea. Someone mentioned a stronger grip, that is the better way to go. My teacher says the clubface should be neutral or slightly open and it needs to rotate from open to closed AT impact, causing a draw.
Would you believe I hit my driver pretty nicely but all my other clubs are suffering!
My teacher, a PGA pro, said everything about different shafts is a bunch of mumbo jumbo and if you have the right swing, you are good, and that is it.
Typically, serial killers / rapist end up being those nice clean cut guys. I hope she doesn't end up with one of them.
I am selling a barely used Nike Sumo2 Stiff Flex driver, with a 10.5 loft. I believe I played ~8 rounds with this with a few range sessions in between. No miss hits or any abuse, I just went with another driver. $80
Do you mean shorts? So shorts that begin to approach the knee joint automatically indicate a slob? Wow. I generally dress in standard golf attire except for the bottom end courses. The better the course, the better I would try to look.
Out of curiosity, OP are you self taught? Or do you take lessons?
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