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"“I'm a great believer in the truism that, if you are not liberal when you are 19, there is something wrong with your heart, and that if you are not conservative when you are 40, then there is something wrong with your head,” Watson said. " Is that what you mean by simpleton political statement?
Yeah it looks like they are around $400 even for the 2006. I bet I am better off just learning to use my current clubs, I am consistenly seeing improvement so far anyway.
My golf teach said that my Wilsons, while they are decent clubs, are really not aimed at beginners because they are closer to blade style (shape). He was going on about the used callaway site and how there are much easier irons out there. What are some of the easiest to hit callaways?
A condors wing span can reach up to 10 feet. Wow.
I shot a 48 today, which is the first time I broke 50 on 9. Had a golf lesson an hour before we teed off where my teacher taught me how to straighten out my drives (or give em a draw). Basically told me to use a stronger grip to allow for better release. I killed the ball on most of the drives, best day out so far of the first year of my golf career!
I never thought of blaming someone else just for who they are and how they play for my bad score lol
I could care less if Tiger missed the cut, its more exciting to see him to do bad anyway. To sit here and say that Tigers bad performance somehow solidifies his greatness is an insult to all those who really played today, and did not choke horribly. I am however thrilled that Daly is shooting par after two. If the wind blows the right way, he could be a real performer here.
Glad to see Daly is hanging in there.
I just wish they could eliminate that same terrible IBM ad over and over again.
Caddyshack 2
New Posts  All Forums: