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Is Andrew rich, over-privaledged? He is the son of Guliani, NOT Bloomberg!!!
I heard through the grapevine (from the son of a ranger) that Donald Trump just bought Branton Woods, a golf course that the 13th fairway borders my backyard with. Anyone else live on or near a Trump course? Does it mean anything in terms of publicity/media?
I think that is entire BS. A 9 iron 175 yards? If you hit a squared up 9 iron 175 yards, I bet the club head speed would have to be close to 200 mph.
Blake is just a douchebag. At least Andrew is content with being himself and is happy with himself. Blake is just sulking around blaming Andrew for everything. I cannot believe that crap "we gotta get him into elimination". Like the rest of the group is going to stop trying to win to get one guy out?
I was practicing chipping in the backyard yesterday (should've banged out of work and taken advantage of what is sure to be the last set of beautiful days here in the northeast) and was trying to figure out a way to fool myself into hitting better. I basically started trying to hit the ground directly underneath the ball with my swing, and noticed the chips getting a little better. Not so much making sure I hit it on the down swing, but intentionally tried hitting...
No I firmly believe 165 is not the average pros swing speed. Just doing a little "netsearch" I feel confident about the several resources that are citing more around ~125, and that is already fast. If everyone was swinging 165 and hitting straight, everyone would be hitting 350-400 per drive. Am I so wrong on that calculation? However this is most likely off topic and will be flagged and or deleted.
Average pro is 165ish?
Who the hell hits a 387 yard drive? Happy Gilmore? Something tells me that guy cannot do that on command whenever he wants.
I took lessons this year and I can regularly drive 250, conservatively. If I push it maybe 270+. However my irons still blow, Im very uncertain of myself there, fat, thin chips, etc, so my cap is still above bogey. Does that make sense?
I just watched a neat video on youtube with 12,000 fps slow-mo video of various impacts with irons, driver and putter. The thing was with the putter, after the impact, the ball did not rotate at all and it lifted ever so slightly off the ground. I have to imagine this is not very productive. Do most of you seasoned players attempt to fix this by either delofting the putter or putting up through the ball? I remember hearing about delofting the putter on the golf fix. I...
New Posts  All Forums: