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I know its a rain out right now, and I saw that the golf channel is showing it later, but for this there is no live coverage? TV, internet? thats a bummer.
How about a company that has hundreds or thousands of users?
is this on TV?
Is there a live feed on the net for this?
Is there any corporation that runs macs as their primary user PC? Does Apple/Mac even do that? lol I used to have to support Mac when working in the roadrunner user support center, it was good to learn the basics but haven't touched it since I went to corporate support.
Yeah tiger woods is nice except to win any tournament at bethpage you have to break 60 every round. The cpu scores are very very unrealistic and ruin the game.
I dont think the ball makes any difference to me. And lately I just play what I find out in the woods on the course. Usually some Titleist or Nike.
I dont think so, at least there is no record of it, but a lot of heavy metal enthusiasts / players do, starting right here! Oh I forgot to nail the point on my above post, which is, I think when it comes to games and careers of pure personal skill, if one really excells in it, they can do whatever they want and the industry, out of pure financial concern, has to roll with it.
I just started to take lessons two weeks ago. Before then I was on the scepticism band wagon regarding lessons. Now I will tell you there is no substitute for lessons, none. I already completed my first goal score-wise. And I feel even better ones coming on. Thats with just some basic technique instruction on driving, mid-irons, and chipping.
What if a super phoenom who never ever shoots higher than 60, but insists on wearing camoflage cut off shorts and heavy metal t-shirts who sports a neon green long goatee arrives on the scene? Do you think he will not have a future in the PGA because of his attire?
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