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Not sure how effective an iphone can be. Ill never look back after buying my casio exilim point and shoot. 240 fps is slow enough for a good swing analysis and the resolution is still good. All you need is a simple tripod
So golf alone staved off your addiction withour any other program?
I can't believe that's an honest score. I mean top players like Jiminez shot in the 80s. I would think that's a fair score for a absolute scratch player at worst, and that's on a good day. Especially when the guy is talking about hitting shots that bounce off trees, that just exponentially builds up your score.   The article would hold more water if the guy shot a 100-120 or something.  
Really lol? Been watching much Oz?   Id say gen pop is the place to be even if you have to throw some fists, which doesn't happen unless you ask for it anyway, as opposed to solitary where you may find yourself talking to your hand or tearing out your own hair once enough days/weeks have gone by.
  Its 90 days. Whatever damage he manages to do in 90 days can be un-done for the next 90 days after he is released.   If it was a serious prison bid, then maybe.   However I feel he does have a case as to why he is being held in solitary. Simply because he is a celeb? Thats cruel and unusual, frankly he may have a lawsuit unless he did something criminal while in jail to land himself in solitary
  well  onsider the principle, is it necessary to catch a buzz to play golf either way? id rather play with a slow stoner as opposed to an angry unpredictable drunk
watchingthe 95open final round...it looks like there are barely any people watching...is this just an illusion or did they limit attendance...or is it just pre-tiger era and im used to seeing todays crowds?
Well they serve beer on courses, so whats wrong with marijuana. There are not that many drugs that will facilitate sports of any type, but alcohol and marijuana are the two (pretty much the ONLY two) that come to mind. I suppose I could play after taking a couple vicodin however.  
  id have to disagree i mean he may very well be a golf fan.last time i checked the us open is NOT cheap to get into, he could have found much more cheap pr opportunities
Not sure if this is already common knowledge but a follow up story on the "bird man" who flew in during Simpsons interview:   http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2012/06/crazy-jungle-bird-man-interrupts-us-open-trophy-presentation-web/   Apparently he was never jailed and his reason, or so he claims, was to raise awareness about deforestation.     Personally, I don't feel it warranted jail, it was funny, albeit not appropriate.  
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