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Funny this thread just popped up. After our round on Sunday the four of us realized in the clubhouse that we used the same ball all day that we teed up with on 1. I don't ever recall having that happen to my group before.
Not really my thing but I have nothing against them especially now since they have upgraded the quality. To each their own.   As far as tennis balls are concerned I had thought I read somewhere that it was a television thing. But then again I am no great tennis mind either.
Like many that have commented I can be playing steady and then go +5 over a two hole stretch and as quickly as it came all is well again. Happens in about 80% of the rounds I play. Other than the obvious issue of talent I can't figure out what happens. I'm pretty even tempered out on the course even when my game goes south. I save my drinking for the 19th hole. So what gives?!? Oh well, I do have those 20% rounds that are really, really fun though...!
LOL at the comment about Gary Player. I have all the respect in the world for his accomplishments but I always though he wouldn't be someone I would get along with.   As far as contemporaries go there isn't anyone I would not play a pro-am with but John Daly might be my last pick. I admire his talent but all the non-professional antics this guy has pulled over the years in competitive rounds would be in the forefront of my mind. For all the demons he has/is fighting...
You too?! Yea, just last week-end if it wasn't for a few missed putts my 86 would have been a 69 easily on my 6600 yard course....   The ironic thing is for some people on this site that don't respect the LPGA game would be the first to start a "Am I good enough to play on the PGA tour" thread if they every played to that caliber. It's a funny game, that's for sure.
Another consideration for adding a 5th would be scheduling. Isn't the BMW PGA Championship on the Euro Tour a pretty big deal? I don't know historically when they schedule that event but this year it's played late May so it falls right between The Players and the US Open.
Got a buddy that is fun to play along with but has this one very annoying habit. Whenever he has a particular important tee shot he goes into this long routine with adjusting his body, aiming, stepping back from address, ect. Imagine a 52 year old fat Keegan Bradley without the KB result. The sad thing about this is because it's not his normal routine he hits a terrible shot at least 70% of the time. The other 30% he just crushes it and well, that's why he does what he...
Had a similar experience with Juli Inkister at Minneapolis Golf Club a few years back. Never hit anything that I would call spectaular but she didnt have too. All she did was hit fairways and greens. All day long. Made it look so simple..  
I get why people discuss topics like this but the way I see it better to have had that moment then none at all. I have a hard time pointing at a player that won a major and calling them a "one-shot wonder" when they have, in fact, won a major even if they did fade into professional obscurity afterwords. I'm sure Rich Beems trophy room is a bit more impressive than my trophy shelf!
New Posts  All Forums: