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I'm a Technical Recruiter for SkyNet. I work for the Advanced Technologies and Projects group.
Another common cause of this is that you're using your arms too much instead of hip/leg rotation to generate clubhead speed. If this is the case, you'll hit almost every club the same distance (give or take a few yards).
This. Although if you're that interested, you can stand on the line on the opposite side of the hole. Personally, I've never found it to be much help.
IME... not much. I've played two of the most exclusive clubs in NorCal- Cypress Point 10+ times and about 5-6x at SF Golf Club- and it's the golf not the ammeneties that make them what they are.
One of my buddy's favorite lines. We picked up a 4th and he felt the need to comment on almost every shot. Finally my friend looked at him and said; "If you're not gonna lick my balls, then don't talk to them." Some of my favorites; A Blondie- fair crack up the middle A Cher- thin and ugly but still working A Rosanne- fat & ugly BIPSICYOYO- Ball in pocket, sitting in cart, you're on your own
Read Rotella's "golf is not a game of perfect". Not trying is the hardest thing to do. Been my experience anyway.
Speaking of guitar... if any NorCal members are around this weekend, my band's playing on Saturday from 9:00-10:00 (you can still make that Sunday am tee time!) Complete wank fest of old school hard rock tunes (set list below). 2 Minutes To Midnight Rainbow in the Dark Highway Star Ace of Spades Wrathchild Hellion/Electric Eye Holy Diver Open Fire Hair of the Dog Swords & Tequila Welcome to the Jungle Problem Child Whole Lotta Rosie
Ball flight left-to-right? Or a block right on misses? You're very flat at the top and then have to make a psuedo over-the-top move to get the club back in the slot to get your hands back in front of your upper body. I'd start by trying to get your right arm out away from your body into a 90* "L" position more at the top. It'll feel like a flying elbow at first, but will get you in a better position.
Nick Price's mechanics with Freddie's tempo. At least that's the picture in my head.
Sounds like a great time and a beautiful day- congrats! For a short par 4, the first tee is nerve racking. It's such a fishbowl. And 7,8,9,10,17,18 are 6 of the best holes in golf.
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