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Yep.  "We don't feel like cutting it"...... I guess enough people complainted, as I went out last evening and they were trimmed.  No first cut rough, just fairway to 3" rough, but still better than it was.
  Yep.  I love the feel of my corded grips.  I had previously only worn a glove when using the driver, but this season, the glove hasn't come off the bag since the secound round.  I am a fabricator/welder, so my hands are already well seasoned before the golf season starts up.
Cool and wet, actually.  It's just so aggravating.  I mean, it's not just me complaining about it.  I would prefer the course to be a bit more challenging, but not in this manner.  From what I have been reading, the rating can be effected by up to .75 and the slope by as much as 5 points.
   The caretakers at my local course apparently are intentionally letting the rough grow out to ridiculous proportions this year.  They have no intentions on mowing it any time soon, which is a huge problem for any shots not on the fairway as it is.  It's already 6 to 7 inches deep in most parts, right up to the fringe of the putting greens.   We were out for our weekly men's league, and there were more people out just walking in circles than actually taking shots, on...
 ummm, Yikes!!!  200 balls (or more) to warm up?  Those mizzys need to go into the closet/garage for the time being....
  Huh?  Normally longer irons require more upright.  My +.75 are 2 degrees up, not flat.  Typically, the shorter the shaft, the flatter it needs to be, unless the person is practically standing on the ball.  My irons were checked individually on a lie board, not just the 6 iron.
I sometimes don't use solvent at all and just put a couple of layers of build-up tape under the grip, usually if i am just trying a grip out, so I can easily remove it with the air compressor (installed with air as well).  Haven't had one move yet.  I use syringes to inject solvent under a grip that does have sticky tape, and just twist the grip back and forth untill it releases, then it just slides right off.  I get the large syringes that are used for animal vaccinations...
Stopped in for a quick nine as I was driving past the course today, shot a 41.  Only 2/7 on fairways today, was missing right for some reason.  The second shots were my saving grace as I hit some fantastic shots out of the rough, and only a couple of three putts, even though the aerated greens are still pretty bad.
Holy thread revival batman!    My wedge shafts are stiffs, tip trimmed to 8 iron specs.
42 last evening with 19 putts, 7/7 fairways and 5/9 GIR.  I missed my first eagle of the year by two inches, but I am blaming the awfully aerated greens.  First hole, 246 yards..... hit a perfect draw with the three wood stopping about 18 feet from the pin.  Had the perfect line with a left to right break, ball tracking right for the cup and then it hit the wall.... Well, not really a wall, a stupid aeration hole that had no sand fill in it!!  I left the hole a bit angry,...
New Posts  All Forums: