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Fitz and the Tantrums are one of my favorite easier listening groups.  The following song is what got me listening to them.....   Another fav: 
much like the age of this thread..... 
I am also "cross-dominant", of sorts.   I am ambidextrous, but mostly biased to being a righty.  I went through elementary schoool as a lefty, but was switched over to righty because I kept dragging my hand through my writing, smudging the pencil all of the time.  I am still left eye dominant, but play golf as a righty.  I can, and do play hockey and baseball either way, and actually have more power as a lefty in baseball, but batting righty lets me choose to hit off-field...
I haven't posted much lately (anything useful, anyway) but I was just lurking, sipping on my whisky no less, and I just wanted to say that this entire thread just brightened up my week.....
The Verve  
The Volks is gone, and have since been through another 740i, a Nissan Pathfinder (daughter hit a steel gate post with it, lol), and a Chevy Tahoe....  I still have the GMC crewcab, but just added this on Friday.  I think this one is a keeper.  I have some chrome wheels ("Bitchin") for her, when the snow finally decides to stay away for good.   Lots of room for the golf gear!
I can't forsee any bag changes this comming season, but usually I always start off with a new hat, at least.  One thing I am doing different this year though, is buying a full membership at the local muni, as I plan on getting between 54 to 63 holes in per week.
Of all the different sets I have owned, I can't see me getting rid of my 695MBs any time soon.  It probably has more to do with the shafts, but I have no hesitations towards using any club out of that set whereas with other sets, I always had an iron or two I would try to avoid using.  That reminds me, it's almost time to polish them up for the upcomming season!
I follow the rules.
Looks like it's going to be a Tiger-free Sunday....  Unless he pulls some sort of miracle out of his backside.
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