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Jazz, I think that a lot of golfers experience the peaks that you refer to. Look a jimmy walker, Geoff Oglevy, they always seem to start the season on fire and then fade as the season wears on. It's just golf. My golf has always been up and down. When playing well I can play par golf. When I slump I can play in the 90's. Who knows the answer. Which is why I encourage you to enjoy every round, good and bad.
Hi all, Haven't posted in ages so I thought I would pass along a pearl of wisdom to some of our newbies. "Golf is Cyclical!" Why don't we play well all the time or poorly all the time. It's why we keep coming back to the course. It's the reason that playing a good round is so enjoyable. So... The moral to this tale is to enjoy every round, good or bad. No club throwing, no fits. Just fun. Remember you low handicappers, this post is intended for the newbies... You guys can...
I'm a little surprized no one has mentioned Adams.
To Zeph,    I am playing MP 59's
Thanks all,   Great advice and I'll compile al for consideration.   Duffy
Hi all, Ok, I'm getting older and my swing isn't what it once was. So, I've decided to shop for some irons that are easier to hit than my mizuno's. So, this post is about getting some suggestions from fellas about my age 67 that have come to the same realization. I'm not horrible but I've seen my index go from 5 to 13 in the past couple years. Thanks in advance for your contribution. Duffy
Thanks all. Some confusion but I think I've got it. Duffy
OK, I have to confess. As long as I've been playing this game, I have never known the technical difference between chipping and pitching. Soooo. What is it? Thanks, Duffy
does anyone else think that Bennet is a jerk? I think it's his swagger and lack of golf talent.
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