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Na, I didn't buy into the marketing. I bought the blades and the bag at a significant discount. They are inferior because they dont have the performance characteristics that other clubs have period. Also, no pros use them that aren't paid by them.
Tiger Woods would not use one if he wasn't getting paid, simple as that. Mickelson was right when he said they are inferior. It is impressive however, that Nike keeps getting people to buy them, but again, that's why they have Tiger. It's all marketing. My problem with them is simply that - they are inferior. They don't have to build good products because as long as people see Tiger playing them, they will buy them by the truck loads, even if they can hit something...
Does anyone out there, other than me, find Nike Drivers to be garbage? Personally, I think they are the worst pieces of equipment available, and I would never buy one again.
Well said. You NEVER double what you took on 9 holes because 18 holes adds elements that may not be as favorable to you when you do 9 (such as fatigue). Always base the handicap off of 18.
A lot of the balls there have only been hit once, and that's right into the water. These are often the best deal you'll find.
I just upgraded my driver from a Nike Sasquatch Sumo to the Cobra S9-1. It's truly night and day. The Cobra is a much better driver. I went to Golfsmith and tried about 10 drivers and liked the Cobra the best. Just give all of the drivers a try and make a decision that fits you.
I bought 2 dozen pro v's off of lostgolfballs (3 star rank). They were like brand new. I will continue to use them.
The Winn Grips are Cadillacs for your hands.
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