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Two quick notes: I give the outfit that Meghan wore for the first putt an A+. Second, Selanee wants to be the "first green golfer." what in the world does that mean??
Thoughts on his replacement? I'm betting foltz or sobel. Or do they go after another xm guy?
Had a great time at Golf Galaxy last night! Started out with 10 different sets of irons and hit them into the net to judge feel. Then narrowed it down to 5 and took them to the simulator. Then narrowed it down to two, and two that I never thought I would consider: Calaway X-22's (non-tours) and Taylor Made Burner Plus. I hit a few more to compare the final two and just loved the feel that I had with the Taylor Made's. So, I walked out with a new set of Taylor Made...
Taylor Made Burner Plus irons, and a bag of tees
Hit a few irons at GG this afternoon. I hit the TM Tour Burner, Mizuno MP 52s and the Callaway X22 tours. The X22 tours were by far my favorite. Ball striking and flight path were much more consistent and I love the look and feel. the 52's just didn't feel right and I kept hitting the burners way high. Never thought I'd play callaway's, but it looks like I'm heading in that direction.
I have played Cimarron and Thaquitz Creek in addition to the courses you listed. Both are good, though Desert Willow is my favorite course in Palm Springs with Desert Springs not too far behind.
Good tips. I went to do the fitting tonight, but GG was having a Hooters night with free wings and drawings and stuff so the store was packed and the lines for the hitting areas were 10 deep. I didn't want to wait that long. I have a list of irons that I want to hit, but wouldn't mind hitting others that I might not have thought of. Right now I'm looking at the TM Tour Burners, Calaway X-22s, Cleveland CG7 and Ping G10's. I'll fill in how it all goes tomorrow.
I'm in the market for new irons as I just can't hit my MP33's the way I used to since I don't get out to play all the time after college. I went to Golf Galaxy last night and learned about their fitting program where you hit 8 or so different sets of clubs "blind" in your price range to get a sense of feel, then hit the ones with the best feel on the simulator. I went in right before they closed so I didn't have time to do it last night. I'll be going back in tonight...
I've had 2, hence my name. First was playing a par 3 course by myself. Short hole, only 102 yards and one hopped it in with a gap wedge. Luckily a couple on the next tee saw it go in so I had a witness and could get it in the local paper. Second one was during a demonstration where I was a counselor at a golf camp. The pro was going over swing plane on a par 3 and was using me as a subject. He asked me to hit one to demonstrate and I did, and aced it 140 yards with a...
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