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I'm confused ... shafts don't whip back and forth, that's a misconception. Shafts that are too light or spined wrong will bend in a direction from the hands to the clubhead, but they don't "whip" promoting a left to right or right to left ball action. The "snap hook" is more than likely caused by a swing fault, not the shaft.
I can hit my 6-iron "about" 160 yards - from a flat lie on a straight hole, no wind, good ball striking day, smooth swing, blah, blah, blah. I think it's important to know what we can hit our clubs "about." Uphill lie, downhill, side-hill, traps in the ffront, water in the back, hurting wind, helping wind ... and so on and so on ... With our handicaps, it's good to know what we can hit the shot "about" in yardage and then calculate what it's going to take so that our...
I play Wii 2010 all the time; love it. 2011 looks much sweeter. Can't wait to get it .. Christmas, honey ... hehehehehe
It's a game ... I play Tiger 10 on the Wii with the motion part and it keeps my back and leg muscles loose during winter. I'm 54 and get sore quickly if I haven't stayed "in shape." I agree with the poster that said it's as real to golf as watching the Travel Channel is to a vacation .... but it IS realistic enough to keep my swing muscles loose. Plus ... it's alotta fun!!! Also ... to the posters that have simulators at home/work ... where, made by who ... how much?...
My 'normal' 240 yard drive and 'normal' 205 yard 3-wood IS a layup (83 yards left) on this monster hole. Ridiculous hole, 518 par 4, really? YIKES!
I think that's legal in Nevada and Holland, only.
Stop trying to hit the ball. When you practice swing there's no ball there. Swing the club. The last time: swing the club where the ball is. Stop trying to "hit" the ball; swing the club.
0% without a doubt. I'm not long at all, at 53 my "good" drives go about 235-245 (with the wind and down hill 238-248). The longest par 5 on my "regular course" is 515 and the shortest is 492 and I cannot reach any of those in two (white tees). 518 par 4 realistically "might" be a 5 on my card, but probably more times a 6. I like the guy's comment, "Not even if Tiger drove for me!!" HAHAHAHA
Have a trusted club-fitter weigh the club heads and grips ... determine what swingweight you can be comfortable with (D0, C9, D2) and match all three to that swingweight with the proper graphite shaft weight, length, tip weights (if necessary), flex, torque, bend points, etc. to gain a proper lift/trajectory.
I've searched here and didn't notice a thread on the line of putters called "Heavy Putter." I was interested if anyone on here uses one, used one, tried one and what the reactions, comments and recommendations are. For those of you that don't know, the new for 2009 Heavy Putters - Mid Weight like the K4 - is a putter weighing in at around 750 grams. The putter has a 450 gram head with an additional 275 grams back weighted under the grip. The heavy putter forces use of...
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