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If you were hitting into them - close enough that could 'mistake' your ball for theirs - I wouldn't have let you pass either. Maybe they appeared to be snooty and rude, but hitting into the group ahead is just as rude.
The flight of the ball is determeined by the shaft flex, torque, bend point, weight and over all club swingweight. You could get the same trajectory differences in any shaft combination, graphite or steel. My guess is your 20* hybrid shaft has a low kick point (high trajectory) versus your steel shaft with a mid-kick point.
The "head" feels heavier because the shaft is 30 grams lighter. You're feeling the weight of the head not the weight of the head plus the shaft. That's not an all bad thing. I'm merely pointing out that there was considerable dynamic- and swing- weight changes between the two clubs. The expectation that a 4-point change in SW should feel and act the same, just ain't true. That's all. I'm not saying one is right or one is wrong; just that they are two distinctly different...
RC ... ... That is one of the most thought out and concise answers to any golf question, I have ever heard. Golf is not a one size fits all and your separation of the "two camps" or two schools of thought seem to be pretty fair. Just wanted to say, great answer ... If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
You've totally changed the dynamic between both of those clubs; they are very dissimilar. Your first driver had a 95 gram, 3-degree torque shaft, with a low bend point. The driver was 8.5 degrees of loft. This heavier shaft was extra stiff. The second driver has a 65 gram, 2.8-degrees of torque with a mid-kick point. The additional half-degree of loft shouldn't matter a whole lot. This lighter shaft was stiff, compared to extra stiff. They are two different set ups....
Check out Golworks.com. Good articles on there. http://www.golfworks.com/images/art/...shaftSteel.pdf
Thanks ... the "mistakes" I make with my driver are more swing faults than club/shaft faults. If I hit that square, it goes pretty straight. I'm leaning towards regular too, just didn't know if there was a huge 'feel' difference in stiff versus regular flex.
I'm building myself a new 3-wood. I ordered an Aldila shaft rated R/S. If I tip trim the shaft 1/2" the shaft is a "Regular" flex. If I tip trim the shaft 2-1/4" it's a "Stiff" flex. What is anyone's experience with regular versus stiff in a 3-wood? What should I consider before I decide 1/2" tip trim or 2-1/4" trim? The driver I have is the compliment of this 3-wood (Snake Eyes Python XL) and the Aldila NV shaft in that one I tip-trimmed to a regular stiffness. I...
First, your question is just theory, not reality ... the I.D of an iron hosel is 0.370" and the O.D. of a wood shaft is 0.335" therefore the shaft wouldn't fit in the iron hosel very well and you couldn't glue it. Second, I don't get the question other than you're trying to put a light, long shaft into an iron head?
You're not 15 yet ... you slice, because your swing is probably coming over the top (not an in to out move), you swing too fast and your tempo is screwed up. What major club companies do to make millions of dollars every year, is bait people into thinking a new club will fix all ills. And so they keep making - and we keep buying - $400 & $500 drivers thinking our slice or hook will go away with the newest fads. And gladly we spend this money on a club we may use 13 or 14...
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