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The first time I watched the Masters in HD 1080p on my 57" LCD ... WOW!! I think I wet myself!! HAHAHAHAHA
Check out: http://golf.about.com/od/golftips/ss/golfgrip_lead.htm Page two has a picture (righty) but you can translate to lefty. Read all five pages.
Lessons ... take some before you spend a nickle on any club.
There was a GREAT picture on the original post with 86 year old Bob walking behind his cart with a dachschund in a plastic basket above the clubs. It was great! I wonder what happened to the picture in the original post though. Hopefully the OP can put the pic back up; it was hilarious!
A good instructor should have SHOWED you a neutral grip. There are tons of articles on line, google "golf grip." Normally (with a good swing) - strong grip = hook/draw; weak grip = slice/fade.
First, I'd get my 9-iron and PW checked for loft. With a plus/minus tolerance of up to 1-degree at the manufacturer, it sounds like you 9-iron is -1 degree and PW + 1 degree, making them a 2-degree gap rather than four. IMHO ... Again, this thread is on here a number of times, all the same answers - keep the scoring clubs: PW, AW, SW. Most 60-degree shots are "help me - oh crap" shots and you'd "NEED" that club maybe once or twice in 18 holes. I'd lose the 60-degree....
For me, definately Augusta: The Masters. The course in full bloom, the azaleas, the stone bridges, the long, winding holes, up some 300 feet and back down ... definately Augusta is the most beautiful course on the planet. If it was me, definately the Masters. And I agree with Woodzie ... if I got the exemption here in DreamWorld, of course I win, I get to keep coming back and we're eating Wisconsin Bratwurst for next year's meal!!!!
What are your other clubs like - hitting wise? Do you hit a fairway wood okay? Irons? I mean if you're a 20 hndcp and hitting other clubs fine (straight, far, high, etc.), then the driver problems are more related to swing faults than they are to shaft (weighting) faults. If - for example - you're hitting irons okay and maybe longer irons and fairway woods semi-okay and driver for sh!t, take a day on the range and groove your swing from 7-iron, 6-iron, 5-iron, 4-iron,...
Now that's great!! That had to be a hoot. By the way, what did Bob shoot? As if it matters!!!! I'll bet a fun day on the course, eh?
Obviously a club is heavier with a steel vs. graphite shaft. My guess -without seeing you swing - is that your swing speed and swing tempo is far too fast with a lighter club. The heavier steel shafted club slows your swing down. Swing with your graphite shafted clubs and slow down.
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