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The ball is also an inch or more closer to you (sitting "up" in the grass). Compensate by griping down an inch or so on the club. Play it a little forward in your stance too, as has been stated.
I repeat ... great customer service yields future customers!! What a great break (no pun intended) for you!! Excellent news. By reading this result on 2 pages of posts, Calloway just got great "word of mouth" marketing!!
Smoke a cigarette, curse the slow play under my breath and fume a little ... What I won't do (or let my partners do) is: goof off, talk loudly, make jokes and be obnoxious. Regardless how bored or mad we are waiting on that tee, someone nearby on the last green is concentrating on their game. Nothing grinds my gears more than to see a back up ahead, see a group of loud mouthed, foul mouthed "weiners" waiting on the next tee box, making noise while I'm still trying to...
Calloway (Taylor Made, Ping, who-ever) do not make OEM heads that you can "buy" and replace. A licensed/franchised Calloway dealer may be able to get a new head from the factory, but you cannot, commercially. I agree with everyone on the second page here; call up Calloway, explain the "accident" in the truthful manner and they may - as good customer service means more customer's later - replace it for you or at minimal cost (shipping, handling, etc.) ... you won't know...
Go to a corner of the practice green, far away from the holes and other putters. Find a flat or fairly flat putt, 5-8 feet long. Put a tee in the ground and with a 6-foot string attached, pull the string tight and hold it with the second tee. Putt next to this line and maintain the same distance at finish from the string as started. Off left ot right, something is amiss.
That's called an 8-iron. Why waste the money or one of your 14 clubs in the bag with two identical clubs? And to the post that said "roll your wrists like a mini-hook" I say, "Never." On any pitch shot near the green, the club face should always be pointing to the sky. IMHO.
There's so many courses to play there, I love Myrtle Beach ... I agree with above, Barefoot is great - play all three. Each is a differenet experieince. Last spring when we were there we played a new one called Thistle. Very nice course. Also, you have to play World Tour ... all reproduction holes: Amen Corner, 16 at Augusta, 1 & 18 at St. Andrews, 17 at Sawgrass ... fun, fun course. Always go in the spring, never been there in August ... have a great time!!
I can't agree more ... I think the NUMBER ONE job golf courses have is to determine the BEST way to keep golfers engaged, enthused and want to come back for more. Business Finance 101, folks. Relaxing the rules for the recreational golfer and encouraging such on a "friendly basis" should be part of the courses' plans in keeping things moving, keeping things fun and keeping customers returning to their establishment.
Nah, I think the anything equipment rule needs to be dropped. There needs to be some limitations.
I think there are two issues here at play and the lines got blurred in four pages (and a year's worth) of responses. In my interpretation the "sort of golf" rules would be for the weekend players, the after work - fit between league folks. For tournaments, leagues, matches and the avid, under 10 handicap players, etc. the USGA rules are there to be followed for those events. Too often on weekends, we're playing behind groups (and groups and groups) of players...
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