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I 2nd the Epoch tee.  It's also bio-degradable.   I've tried them all and Epoch is what I have decided to stick with.  I started with my first bag of 50 tees 4 years ago.  I just bought my 2nd bag a couple of months ago and that's mostly because I was giving them away to my playing partners.  I have been avergaging 60-75 rounds per year so each tee does last me quite a while.  They're not as stiff as the other plastic tees, so shoving them into hardened tee boxes can...
I purchased the stack and tilt DVD from Medicus a while back and returned it without a problem.  Fast forward to earlier this year when I purchase an e-book from them for $1.  I did my research and was sure that $1 did not come with any catch.  So I get the e-book and moved on with my life.  Out of no where I received a welcome package from Golf Essentials.  At first glance I didn't think much of it.  But as I read through the welcome letter, it mentioned that I would be...
There are several places that have the 360 II's for around $80 right now. There's not really one site that will sell all the golf shoes at the best prices. You just have to dig around. I got my 360 II's at Sports Authority for $70, the Powerband from Golfsmith for $60, University II from GPP for $20.
Also, you can have grooves the size of the nile river and still not spin the ball if you don't hit it correctly.
You don't have to pay just to putt on the practice greens.
The cheap scopes are garbage. Get a laser rangefinder because you can point it at pretty much anything and it'll give you a distance reading. I use it for bunkers, trees, etc. Look around on Ebay and you can find a used one for around $100-125. I bought my Bushnell Yardage Pro for $100 on Ebay. I used to have the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 +/- but it isn't tournament legal because of the slope feature.
A guy drive the ball with tailwind into a down sloping fairway ONCE for 300 yards and that becomes his new average.
Most of them are over stated anyway.
Not including the PW. I carry the 52/56/60
They're definately legit so lets just get that straight. Why their prices are so low is something I don't know, nor would I speculate.
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