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     Does anyone know if there is a website for used Scotty Cameron putters, such as for Callaway and TM? I would not want to take a chance on Ebay and spend money on a counterfeit 
TGW is another reliable U.S. site. I've been buying from them for well over 10 years, probably 14.
Wonderful; I am an unemployed IT worker for, the past 4 months again, because of outsourcing. Now they are outsourcing golf instructors?  
Yeah, yeah!  As Phil said 8 years ago..... "I am such an idiot".  
Cool. Thanks. I will have to buy the book then.
     Playing a round this past Monday, I was on the edge of the fairway, about 180ish yards from the green. Direct aim, except I had tree branches most of the way. I hit a hybrid, 40+ yards away, hit leaves a branch, then dropped. Took my 5 iron for less loft, easy swing, went another 50ish yards, then again, hit leaves, a branch, then dropped again. Today I remembered reading TST's review of the JPX 825 Pro irons and this statement:   “ found myself needing to hit a...
Hi again,      I have been watching plenty of videos, from Revolution Golf, Tour Striker folks. Interesting stuff. In the latest one, on "Setup for Success", on the tee box the instructor used a hybrid to the dogleg bend. Teed it up obviously, yet said he wanted to play it off his left heel, because hybrids require a "sweeping motion". Yet most forums, websites, etc, say to hit a hybrid down on the ball as using an iron. I am confused. Could he have meant from the tee box...
      Where would I apply a strip or two of the tape to promote a draw, if possible?
Hi,      Anyone play, demoed, or knows anyone playing, their cavity back irons? I think they are sharp looking. Yet the only place I see then is the PGA Superstore, which just opened on LI, NY. I don't see them in Golfsmith nor Golf Galaxy. Not even the pro shop, I get fitted in, carries these. Just curious.  Ed
     I see what is going on. Went to the range this morning. Still, all balls going left. When did my swings very slowly, I am turning my hands(wrists left) over at impact. Realized I had no "flat left wrist".  Then when I do the "flat wrist" my ball goes straight. I do have a question(problem maybe?). For this I need to, with my left hand, grip the club stronger(tighter). When I do this my swing speed somewhat decreases.  And my distance is less than when the ball goes...
New Posts  All Forums: