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     Am thinking of getting another putter. Maybe the Scotty Circa 62 from Ebay. Yet also might want one of the black Pings. I currently have the Scotty Newport Select blade. I see all sorts of putters with inserts, whether it be the solid plastic/rubber or now "Groove Inserts" slotted inserts? Do these actually serve a purpose? Are these just for personal feel? And if I go the Ebay way, I would want the same length as my current. When measuring the length, is it from the...
     So I assume it won't be available to us public any time soon, if at all. Bummer. I like the look, similar to the old Circa 62s, yet love the dancing letters for Scotty Cameron on front and back.      Thanks! 
Could anyone tell me what model Scotty putter Jordan used at the Master? 
     Cool! One thing I am curious about is the weight. The Titleist bag is 6.6lbs, where this is 8.3lbs. Will you feel the difference? I don't carry, it will be on my Clicgrear push cart when I get one, currently on my Bagboy cart, or riding on hot days or outings. I can't find a store selling the SM bag. I want to see it in real life. I am torn between the white/black and shadow/black/blue. What colors did you order?      I AM now thinking more and more on getting it. I...
Thank you. I look forward to your review.
I agree 100%. That SM Tour series is NICE! I always liked staff bags. Yet they are heavy, huge, only have 7, 9 way tops, unnecessary and big $$$$. Except this. AND 15 way top. Don't get why 15? Nice color options too. I just might splurge on one too. First comes a new driver/3 wood combo first. Actually, Titleist has a new lightweight staff cart bag now. Excellent lookin.. Yet only 7way. And their new lightweight cart bag just doesn't look right.
Could it be that you just unfotunately have one made from a bad batch? I have my Titleist Lightweight cart bag for 2 years now and have no problems with it, except for that yes, it tips over frequently. Oh, and the putter tube could be a little shorter, Other than that, the material is good, and it is holding up.
It was " What kind of car do you drive to and from the golf course".
No big deal, yet I started a thread yesterday and it is no longer there. When I found it under my profile, in All Posts, I can not access it, getting this message - Insufficient Permissions You do not have permission to view this thread. Please contact a site administrator if you believe this to be in error. Alternately you may return to the Golf Forum forum Logout and try again with an administrative account, or contact a site administrator for support.
Enjoy, I am jealous.
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