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     Anyone ever seen this for sale? I like the idea, wear it around the neck on a strap, keeping it between your forearms during the entire swing until impact. I've seen the straps to keep your arms together. I even received an Email from Revolution Golf, selling a larger soft ball, which you inflate, on an adjustable lanyard. You can also keep it deflated under your arm, like the glove drill. Yet you never have to bend over to keep picking it up when it doesn't work. Yet...
http://www.golf.com/equipment/mizuno-jpx-850-and-jpx-850-forged-irons-designed-boost-distance-and-forgiveness        The forged irons are kind of cool looking with out the colored badging. Although the blue doesn't look so bad either.
     Question for ones who purchase and use these. Are these a mix both regular Pro V1s AND Pro V1Xs, or only Pro V1s? If the latter, are there Pro V1X X-outs?
     Does anyone know if there is a website for used Scotty Cameron putters, such as for Callaway and TM? I would not want to take a chance on Ebay and spend money on a counterfeit 
TGW is another reliable U.S. site. I've been buying from them for well over 10 years, probably 14.
Wonderful; I am an unemployed IT worker for, the past 4 months again, because of outsourcing. Now they are outsourcing golf instructors?  
Yeah, yeah!  As Phil said 8 years ago..... "I am such an idiot".  
Cool. Thanks. I will have to buy the book then.
     Playing a round this past Monday, I was on the edge of the fairway, about 180ish yards from the green. Direct aim, except I had tree branches most of the way. I hit a hybrid, 40+ yards away, hit leaves a branch, then dropped. Took my 5 iron for less loft, easy swing, went another 50ish yards, then again, hit leaves, a branch, then dropped again. Today I remembered reading TST's review of the JPX 825 Pro irons and this statement:   “ found myself needing to hit a...
Hi again,      I have been watching plenty of videos, from Revolution Golf, Tour Striker folks. Interesting stuff. In the latest one, on "Setup for Success", on the tee box the instructor used a hybrid to the dogleg bend. Teed it up obviously, yet said he wanted to play it off his left heel, because hybrids require a "sweeping motion". Yet most forums, websites, etc, say to hit a hybrid down on the ball as using an iron. I am confused. Could he have meant from the tee box...
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