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I hope it doesn't happen, yet if Anthony wins the BBMB and plays on the tour, he won't last. Not only does he not have the talent, yet his attitude and mouth will doom him. I can't see any one, playing partners or playing in the same round, will put up with him. He is a cancer.
I always watch Big Break.  I look forward to it. BTW, for all you SB lovers out there, GC said she will co host School of Golf the remainder of 2014.
Just read the thread "I am calling you out as a non-golfer IF........................." about parking your golf cart(motorized) on or too close to the fringe of the green. Got me thinking of my push cart. When playing, my buddies and I many times leave our carts right on fringe around the edge of the green, where we would leave for the next tee box. Not ON the green mind you. Is this a no no?
     Cost #1! Time, yes. Also crowded courses, with slow play. Here in NYC I have to play my local city course. Not cheap. Very crowded. I refuse to play 18 on weekends, it's a zoo. Even week days, getting there at 5:30 am, 6 now, there are so many waiting to tee off. 5 hour rounds. Cost.... $70+ with cart on weekends. I walk during the week, $40 before noon, or $31 after. IF I do play weekends, it is walking the back 9 before 6:30am for $20. I, or we with a couple of...
     Just got mine in the mail today. Didn't sign up for anything, except belong to the "Team Titleist". Next time I play the back 9 in myl local course, I will test these.
     I would do neither. Not even PSS. Last time I was fitted for my irons, I went to my local pro shop in Mineola NY, who is highly regarded(even before they made it to the Golf Digest list), and also does fitting for PGA amateurs and other professionals. It took a few hours. He doesn't display clubs and doesn't have all of them. It took my measurements for length and grip size. Then he has heads to attach to different shafts. Decided on which heads I hit best by the tape...
     Buying from TGW for around 14+ years now. Never any problems. Shipping time is normal, never a problem, and they let you know of any backorders and status. Returns are very simple. Only not so good thing, and it's no their fault, is any discounts are not applied to most brand names. Still, spending big $$$ on other great brands, then getting 15%, or at times 20% off, can't be beat. Used to have free shipping on a certain amount, no more. Still $7 of $8 isn't bad. I...
     Anyone ever seen this for sale? I like the idea, wear it around the neck on a strap, keeping it between your forearms during the entire swing until impact. I've seen the straps to keep your arms together. I even received an Email from Revolution Golf, selling a larger soft ball, which you inflate, on an adjustable lanyard. You can also keep it deflated under your arm, like the glove drill. Yet you never have to bend over to keep picking it up when it doesn't work. Yet...
http://www.golf.com/equipment/mizuno-jpx-850-and-jpx-850-forged-irons-designed-boost-distance-and-forgiveness        The forged irons are kind of cool looking with out the colored badging. Although the blue doesn't look so bad either.
     Question for ones who purchase and use these. Are these a mix both regular Pro V1s AND Pro V1Xs, or only Pro V1s? If the latter, are there Pro V1X X-outs?
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