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Saw this on the Mizuno website.    
http://www.mygolfspy.com/titleist-716-irons-2016/        Wanting new clubs and was going to wait until November to see what Titleist comes up with. I know to each his/her own, yet I do not like these. I might just get the 714s. Or MP54s. What do you all think?
     Yup, mine is 30" too, Problem is, the putter cover it big, hangs low. 33 " putter, yet 28 1/2" from bottom of cover to the end of grip. I put the cover on upside down, no problem. Looks stupid, but works, for now. Maybe find a different cover. Next time I buy bag, I'll measure the putter well,
Thanks all. Speaking of cleaning. A couple of years ago I regripped my irons, wedges and hybrids. Unfortunately, unlike cleaning my club heads, I never cleaned my gips. Bad move. I play around 11 rounds a year, aside from going to the range 4 - 5 times. Could finally cleaning my grips bring any tackiness back to them?  
Or similar SunMountain bag owners, since I was informed SunMountain makes the bag for Titlesit? I have a crazy question. It has the outside putter well, yet my Scotty(33" or 34")  is too short for it.  My putter cover rests on the bag and from the putter's weight, it curls up the edges and at times falls of the putter as I walk the course. Then I have to run back in the fairway to get it.  Yeah, I know, I can keep the cover off while I play my 18. I tried balling up paper...
Makes sense. I will just run them under warm water, clean with soap then rinse. While playing, I usually only wipe my clubs(irons), with a towel(dry) to get any grass or dirt off. And as others asked, my clubs are not gunked up when I soak them. I never let them get to that point. 
     I've read many of you soak them in a bucket of soapy water just above the heads. I usually soak them in a few inches, yet above the ferrules. Will this do any long term harm to the ferrules: loosen them, etc?
     I will read that Mike. Thanks.      Boogie, I switched my Scotty grip for a mid sized softer Winn putter grip. Yet I understand that a thick, fat grip, takes the wrist play out of putts, which I noticed myself doing. This is why I want a Super Stroke.
     Back in 2008 I was fitted for my Studio Select Newport 1.5(blade) putter. To get my speed, line, etc, I have 20 grams in each end, and had a weight added into the top of the shaft to smooth my stroke. Unfortunately never asked how much. This past season, I was told I was decelerating on some putts, and also turning the face on contact(opening, closing). I am sure these are mental, and/or need practice to resolve. YET, am thinking changing the weights could help....
     Thanks. And I do not want delofted/strong irons to add distance. I can do that on my own and/or with the proper shaft. I like the looks of the Ping G30 irons, yet their 4 iron is 21*, most 3 irons. My MX200 is 23, and most other 4s are 24*. When will it stop? Who knows, there might even be 4 irons out there with 20*, 19*.      BTW, speaking of Ping, anyone know if they will come out with I30 irons?
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