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     Thanks. And I do not want delofted/strong irons to add distance. I can do that on my own and/or with the proper shaft. I like the looks of the Ping G30 irons, yet their 4 iron is 21*, most 3 irons. My MX200 is 23, and most other 4s are 24*. When will it stop? Who knows, there might even be 4 irons out there with 20*, 19*.      BTW, speaking of Ping, anyone know if they will come out with I30 irons?
     I see the lofts vary between GI irons, GI/Player irons, SGI, etc. They vary between 1 and 3 degrees. For the delofted, are you really hitting them longer, or because many irons are made to get the ball in the air easier, the distances will not change much? 
     I am assuming this show is not open to the public? Only to pros, retailers, media, etc? Maybe when I am fitted for my new clubs this fall, I will talk to the pro about swinging tickets.
      Thanks.     Actually. while watching Morning Drive today, Paige Mackenzie explained her scoring clubs. She said they were her wedges and they should never be hit to their full distance(full swing). She does this to eliminate the high sping. Takes a 3/4 swing so the ball doesn't spin back so much, therefore getting the same distance as a full swing. Make sense. YET I don't think I ever put spin on the ball and would want to learn, if necessary.  I guess it's a...
Thanks all. I will read your thread MV. Hey MV, question, which actually belongs in "Clubs, Grips". Anyways, you and Iacas have good info on the manufactures. It appears the Titleist AP irons usually come out every 2 years, hence the 712 and 714(2012, 2014), similarly with the woods?  Do you think, or know, if they will have new irons this late fall for 2016?
Hi again,      And another Happy New Year. This is part 2 of my wedge question I posted in "Instructions....".  Years ago, when getting fitted for my MX200s, the fitter was perplexed at my swing and gave me the lightest shaft, regular flex. For my 5 - GW, SW and LW. I wasn't hitting down on the ball, I was decelerating and my swing was all screwed up. So for years I knew my yardages, what irons to hit, etc. So, for example, at my local course, a 135 yard par 3, I'd hit my...
Hi,      Happy New Year all. I've read and heard that one should never hit a full shot using a wedge. IF this is true, and playing course management, if anything I should leave and approach shot to the green for my gap wedge and up? Gap, carry 110, PW 120? So if I end up 100, rather than full swing my SW, choke down and/or hit a easy GW? And after reading posts about the book Lowest Score Wins, simply get it as close as I can to the green and learn to use my wedges for...
I hope it doesn't happen, yet if Anthony wins the BBMB and plays on the tour, he won't last. Not only does he not have the talent, yet his attitude and mouth will doom him. I can't see any one, playing partners or playing in the same round, will put up with him. He is a cancer.
I always watch Big Break.  I look forward to it. BTW, for all you SB lovers out there, GC said she will co host School of Golf the remainder of 2014.
Just read the thread "I am calling you out as a non-golfer IF........................." about parking your golf cart(motorized) on or too close to the fringe of the green. Got me thinking of my push cart. When playing, my buddies and I many times leave our carts right on fringe around the edge of the green, where we would leave for the next tee box. Not ON the green mind you. Is this a no no?
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