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You are so right! Trackman mesured my driver distance avg. 273 yard. I always think my driving distance were over 285 yard avg. I guess I was wrong
My coach has a "Trackman" device". I tried it couple times, seen good but don't know about every shot that is accurated. Sometime the driving range is so windy so my ball goes farther? Or pushed it to the right/left by the wind. My coach only rely on the "Trackman" report. Should I 100% trust on the report? It also tell me the spin rate, lauched angle, club path, attach angle, face angle,,,,,,ect Overall is a amazing technology for golf industry.
Congrat! I got my first hole in one with my 5 Iron too! Also 185 yard.
Many of us do the same thing. That is the way we improve our game right?
Post an ad on your local golf course like this; "I will play anyone with $100 per hole." I bet you will receive lots calls with lots new playing partners. J/K
I had same problem (Wrost, can't move) many years ago so I went to see my family doctor and I took a shot of steroid. Two days later I'm driving my ball 300 yard on the fairway. Amazing stuff.
I played the Mercedes Benz Championship (amateur) 4-5 years ago and was from the local qualifier to the regional winner so went to Maui for the National championship. My other 2 teammate is a total sandbagger. One of them he is about 1 handicapper but play as 9 handicapper (B player), other one is about 6 handi but played as 16 handicapper (C player). Myself is about 3 handicapper played as A player. At the end of the tournament in Maui, we come in 3rd place cuz the...
Good luck with Amy!
Tiger for sure! Not many people are playing golf back then and everyone is playing golf now. More and more junior is playing well now.
I owned a security company. Install home/business alarm and camera system
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