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because the spine is not working in a biomechanically correct position, the hands can't come back to the original shaft plane. Toms can strike it though so he's making it work for him and his pattern.
80-85 perfect, 3.0 handicap. are you sure? that might be more than a tour pro. Tiger mentions that he hits 6 perfect shots when he scores in the mid 60s. The title is similar to "how far do you hit your driver?" and people respond with an average of 280. Sure you do... you HAVE hit it 280 but you don't average 280 because that's a couple yards under the tour average.
moe hit it straight everytime. he could draw it, fade it, and could even hit a straight shot and have it bounce in either direction. my instructor and HIS instructor spent countless hours with moe. if you can find his track record, he has some 50+ hole in ones, 60+ course records, and put on the best clinics people have ever been witness to. here's one: theres 6 more parts to this series.
a 5 handicap? I'll be giving you a few aside, and soon to be more now that I'm retired. I read hogan's books while you were still in diapers, junior.
Reference data? Do you want the plane ticket, the access badge, or the meal receipts. Look who's anecdotal? " most competent golfers"... you're not even one of them, yet you can sit at your desk and write about what other people have told you without doing any research or analysis on your own. You have references hogan's book in every post. Is that the only book you own? is he the master reference for everything about the golf swing? not to say he wasnt a genius...
In Phoenix: mccord costis school has programs I recommend Pia Nillson and Lynn Marriott at Troon.
I have watched Tiger on the range twice in the past 2 months. That view of his ball position is much more forward than he plays it, but hey! the pictures don't ever lie, do they. The style of pivot would effect the amount of hip slide. Tiger would slide more than Hogan. I think comparing Tiger to Hogan in terms of being champion golfers is a great debate, but comparing Tiger to Hogan in terms of the golf swing and ball striking is like comparing Keystone Light to...
I agree with the head being back, depending on the kind of shot you're trying to hit. For irons shots, I would want the button on my shirt over the golf ball at impact - not behind it. If I was trying to hit a high driver, the button would be just behind the ball and the belly button well forward. If you can control your shirt button, you can control your low point and therefore your flight.
Watch ANY professional golfer? Ok.. snead, grant waite, mac ogrady, brian gay,... these are the best ball strikers in the game and there is not alot of tension on the lead side of their body because the left shoulder is getting closer to the left hip. Its not stretching. The stretch comes with the right side because in order to get the shoulders 90* to the spine, the right shoulder has to move UP I could watch some guys who are about 150 in greens in reg and maybe...
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