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I am not sure, you should probably ask a woman for that kind of information as I am not ready to remove myself from a confined space for clothing storage on an internet golf forum quite yet
I remeber someone saying something about black nailpolish or nailpolish in your driver's color? or using model paint (like hobbies paint) works well too
again, different strokes for different folks. FT-i is one of the high end drivers out there but some people don't like the square feel test out all the drivers you can and find the one you hit with the best
Errm....... Would you like to try again?
very happy with my set, though I might update my driver in a few month, it's very dinged up but still hits solid
C02 - Anser type
Terribly overpriced, mediocre cars? Not a very good analogy :PE60M vs. XFR vs. CLS63AMG :P is more like it
that's like asking who makes the best cars????? Different strokes for diffrent folks...
what do you have now and how much do you have to spend? there are clubs at every budget level, you can get 50$ clubs that are good for its price or 200$ clubs that are good for its price.
tell me about it, i had my Big Bertha's lengethed 1/2 inches and my flights are straighter and much less worm burners
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