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3wood, 7iron, PW or 60 thats a tough one.
Yeah ill pay the extra 100 and keep my RRA.
I love the Wii, it has a great mixture of kids and grow up games. Its really fun if you buy the right games, Tigerwoods owns on the wii, if you like to drink with your buddies and play games get the wii. I have a 7 year old and a wife so the wii is great. If i want to seriously play games i go on my computer.
I hit one at a demo day and loved it. I've got the Mp600, and love it as well. but the mx700 is alot better for drilling the ball strait as a pin. MP600 is more of a control club.
Yeah I was bored and hit the MX300 I was really impressed, great looks and performance was top notch I would have to get them bent 1-2 degrees stronger though,
No one hates top flite as much as I do. NO ONE! I dont even pick them up if I find them they have bad juju. But I said screw it their $20, and seriously for $20 they rock. Around the greens they are like a 1X with the roll and spin (not as much spin but close) They feel nice and soft off the irons. I do not like them off the driver I dont know just seems like their harder to control. Probably just in my head. I get my ProV's for free, so thats what I play. I've played...
I've been fitted by 3 diffrent places, all said the same thing. the clubs are perfect for you. off the rack mizuno's
I never hit off mats, No i really dont do it at the range.
The driver has always been the bain of my game, Sure I can crush balls, etc etc, but I've always struggled with accuracy, give me an iron and a target 9/10 Ill hit it. I have my old Nike SQ2 driver, Both are very basically same flex. I stopped using the nike because I was slicing it horribly. Went to the mizuno got rid of my slice completely, but about 2-3 weeks ago it stopped working for me. Prior to that I was avg 270 yards, dead nuts straight to a slight fade. I...
This is just a recent thing, when i got the driver a couple months ago I could do no wrong. Now its just "why is this in my bag" I think its something in my head, or something stupid Im doing and not noticing. My handicap reflects my rediculous short game skills not that of my driving. I'm an godly scrambler :) It's just frustrating me, I dont know what I'm doing. the rest of my game is fine, its just my stupid driver.
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