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I was there, and Paula was in major pout mode on the 8th tee. She was 5 back at that point. She did look awesome, as always, as did the two Swedes she was playing with. Cristie Kerr won it all with a nice 65, including a birdie on 18, and another birdie on the playoff hole with Alfredsson and Gustafson. The LPGA players say the greens at Columbia Edgewater in Portland are the best they play on all year. They looked very slick today. Unfortunately, the tourney is...
The best thing I've learned: You CAN get the old putting stroke back with lots of practice. It's important to leave bad holes behind (although I don't always do it quickly enough) Playing a round is much better for your game than the driving range (OK, for me it is) I love my Mizunos
There is no Phil quote I can find in that article. It's always nice that people bash him, especially when the subject is something totally different.
1. The US Open - tough golf, par is king 2. The Open - although it was irrevelant for decades until Arnold Palmer resuscitated it 3. The Masters - Jim Nance ruins it for me, and the sappy features 4. The PGA - Shaun Micheel, what more do you need to know?
I predicted Phil would beat Tiger in the US Open.
Always, that's the only way to play, unless it's just a foursome, and an opponent "gives" you a putt.
For sitting in very wet sand, the club will dig faster, so you need to play it with a square face and hit closer to the ball than usual, maybe an inch
If you don't go back and do it correctly, it is an automatic DQ in a tournament. If you don't and you're playing for money on total score, you automatically lose the bet. Play by the rules, unless it's a casual round and it's slow. Match play, automatic loss of hole.
I don't think you'd want a 1° open face unless you are a very strong player with a natural draw. I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong) that the open face will counteract the hook a small amount, keeping it under better control. I think I would avoid that club and not try to tamper with it. There's too many other options that would fit you better out there already.
I bought two hats: A black tour type Callaway on the front in raised white letters with FT-5 on the side. A navy flexfit Mizuno hat with white letters. $47...
New Posts  All Forums: