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Saevel,    You did nothing wrong.  If the starter let you out in front of someone, and you kept a hole in front of them all the way to the 18th tee, noboby has a reason to complain.  I don't even know why people bother asking about etiquette questions here.  You just get a bunch of guys who try and nitpick about anything and everything.  Oh, You can't post your score!!  You cheat if you play by yourself!  You looked at, no you carried a phone onto a golf course!...
Almost exactly what I was going to say!!
I'd pay $5 to throw it at Tiger.
Very cool story, thanks for sharing!   Now, are the usual suspects going to come in here and say he was building his stance?    
Thanks TNT for showing every shot by a guy that wasn't on the first 7 pages of the leaderboard.  Thank God he missed the cut!  Now it will be worth watching.
How about the 25 birdies for the round?  My God!!
Man I hope Carl comes out of the nervous hospital to caddy for him!
Zero, in over 30 years!!     See my avatar   Congrats though
I use Powerbilt TPS from the late 80's.  They replaced my Wilson Reflex irons in the early 90's.  I really love them.  I extended each shaft 1 inch.  I guess I would try some newer irons, but I play so little, I don't think it would make much of a difference.  
Way to go, Russ Cochran!  Fellow Kentuckian with the senior Major!
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