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I've heard of hitting through the ball from many sources.... which I think is more or less the same as "let the ball get in the way of your swing". Then, recently, I came across a video in which the instructor said something to the effect of "put your energy into the ball, not down the line". For me, that thought seems somwhere in between 'hit down' and 'hit through', but I realize it's very subjective and I'm no expert. Just throwing that out there in case it helps.
Wow. At least you know what to work on. Shouldn't be too hard to drop your handicap.
I wish I didn't have to wear a glove because I have a ridiculous tan line. I just don't get as solid a grip without one. You guys got me thinking about looking into different grips.
Huh! I found one of those and assumed it got hit by the lawnmower. Not so sure now.
I played with a gps for the first time today. The course I play most of the time only has 150 markers and on at least one hole it's hard to find. Recently when playing on a course with 100 yard markers I realized that I didn't even know what to hit at 100 yards. I've been eyeballing it... "this looks like a gap wedge". I really enjoyed playing with gps, and I'm sure that in no time at all I'll know my club distances better. I think it was worth the money and I'm...
That's what I'm doing this summer. It's much easier and cheaper (and fun) for me to play than go to the range. I do take advantage of the chipping/putting green at my course, however. And I study a lot and do some indoor practice at home. With all the "Can't take it from the range to the course" threads I've seen, I tend to believe the "40%" more than the 80/20 listed above. I'm just a newb though.
I order so much stuff that the UPS guy knows me by name and knows how to find me at work or home. I always get my packages ;)
This is too wierd. I was just thinking about starting a thread about this, and in fact I logged on just to read up on this subject. (Note OP's screen name). I was just doing some pendulum drills and I was finding that lifting my left heel and planting it seemed to help me shift my weight better and more smoothly. Not sure if I'll start doing it in my swing but it's worth a shot.
I just did that for my best score ever. Missed most fairways and greens but chipped well enough to recover par or bogey on every hole.
Eighty freaking three! My best ever... by 6. Unfortunately it wasn't very satisfying though.... my driving sucked and I mean sucked. If it had been a real course and not my slope 103 muni I'd have been OB or in deep doo-doo. My muni course has some challenging holes (for me anyway), but the fairways are WIDE open. I usually drive OK... not too long but long enough and in the fairways. Today I was left left left. The good news is I didn't slice except for the one time...
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