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+ Feedback Sent.
Can it be good for 1 player for 2 rounds. I would very interested if so. Looking to go out there at the end of April '11.
I'm a fan of the Z-Star Tour Yellow and have put those in play a couple times already this season. I'm not sold on the fact that they are easier to find on the ground, but I enjoy playing with them just to change things up. I have noticed that they are easier to see in the air during twilight rounds.
I bought a sleeve of these to use in the next tournament. They pwn.
What's holding me back: 1. Putting 2. Up and Down % 3. Consistency with Driver (Accuracy)
Excellent set of clubs. Perfect cast cavity back for mid to low caps on a budget.
Randy4h, Nice neg rep. I call it how I see it. Hope you had fun criticizing my golf game over the internet. If you ever get to NorCal, hit me up via PM and we can get a round in. ;) -jsherm45
+1 You are good.
Nice sticks Bump-n-MI.
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