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Totally disagree with AmazingWhacker -   I think this concept has taken what was the golf silly season and added 4 compelling events, and  something which is good now and getting better every year.   And frankly it takes a 10 mil prize to get these guys interested enough to play in these events; I'm pretty sure if it was 500K they'd all stay home.        
I attended on Saturday with my son and was there for about 10 hours and saw the following cool things:   Dustin Johnson outdrove playing partners Matt Kuchar and Nick Watney by about 30 to 50 yards on the long par 4's we saw.  We were near the Golf Channel's Steve Sands who was walking with the group and he told us the distances were 334 on the 13th hold and 340 on 14.  When Johnson walked up to his shot on 13 he greeted Sands with a "Hey Sandy" and a fist bump,...
Saw that he shot 81 in round 2 and was DQ'd - but I can't find anything about it anywhere online.
The old Ping logo:  
Never used one, never needed one - seems like just one more thing to lose.
I've had almost the exact same thing happen.   It seems like it's always a guy who is playing with his wife, the ball never gets really close to them and he has to defend her honor or something.
If you fight a slice, the G15. If you fight a hook, the I15.
Are you suggesting that I give up golf, and instead attend meetings of the Book Club with my wife?
I might not have a clue, but I do have a lot of new golf equipment.
Three words for you: Separate checking account.
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