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ok cool thank you very much, but i do not want my current putter adjusted. i am completely dissatisfied with it. i want a new putter for sure. i just sent an email to the last guy on the list since he is closest so we'll see if i get a reply.
how do i find pga certified fitters in my area? i don't really know where to start here
what's the best way to get fitted for a putter? i've never been fitted for any clubs before. should you buy a putter on your own and take it to someone to get it fitted for you after the fact, or should the fitter help guide the putter selection? i live an hour north of pittsburgh and want a new putter. where should i go to get fitted?
don't get excited about playing good. don't get freaked out by a bad hole or two. just keep playing and stay focused on each shot. don't rush. i tend to take a little extra time around the greens reading break when it really matters. i tend to slow my walking down slightly as i as i get closer to my ball to lower my heart rate when the pressure is on.
what kind of wedge are you using? if you have just a standard sand wedge that came with your set you might need one with more loft.
got myself in little trouble today. i was maybe 8 feet right of the green on a 200 yard par 3 under a pine tree but i was in a hole under the pine tree. it was maybe 3 to 4 inches deep or so, about a square foot i guess but i had to keep it low to stay under the branches of the pine tree but get it up over the side of the hole. i also had to hit a little down on it because the other side of the hole wasn't far behind the ball. the branches did not interfere with my...
what are your best tips for hitting low trajectory drives in windy conditions?
i really liked this book. i will pick and choose what i want to take from it because there are some things that i'm not sure about, but i think it was well written and very informative. a lot of times books leave me wanting more, but i did not feel that way about this one. no one had ever gone into such detail with me about the short game like this. i am rereading it now because it was really too much to digest the first time. good stuff.
seems aimed at higher handicap players but it does not appear to me like it would help anyone's game much. there are a few tips that could be useful to some but overall and in every way possible it leaves much to be desired. supposed to be a golf lesson from hank in book form but that format just doesn't really work. i would not recommend this one.
just a little snow on my 7 iron after hitting some practice balls in the yard. seemed like a good one for winter.
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