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As long as you don't try to hit him with an one iron.
Trying to help somebody is extremely rude! I mean, it's not like they make you listen tot their advice!
What pro let you hit his clubs and use his balls??
At the firestone tournament I was talking to AK's personal trainer Darby, and he said the thing that amazes him the most is that when AK tried some of the balls that the amateur used it added 10 yards.
First of all, they don't make the loft that much lower. It's about two to three degrees, and loft isn't the only thing that seperates irons. The length adds centrifugal force, and yada yada yada. Also, there balls are a lot softer then ours.
That's what I was going to say, but for some reason I lol'd hardcore at this.
Everybody misses a bunch of birdie putts. Also, last time I checked, AK is second in birdie average, and second in putting average. And you must not have any clue how important a caddie is.
That people say Tiger has an advantage because of better equipment, but everyone he's playing with has the same equipment, so their is no advantage.
http://www.thegolfchannel.com/shag-b...-caddie-33170/ This article makes it sound like they've split forever, when AK is only just letting him go for the rest of the year, but leaving the door open for next year. AK says it has nothing to do with the aftermath of the President's Cup. What do you think the reason is.
Link? I just searched AK on TGC and nothing came up?
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