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Same character in EVERY SINGLE movie he's been in?  Huh? Jack Torrance and Randle Murphy are similar charactesr?  Are you kidding?  Or Jake Gittes and Col. Nathan Jessup?  Pretty similar characters, right?   Charlie Partanna and the Joker?  What are you talking about? I agree he had some similar roles later in his career, but to say "every single movie" is WAY off the mark. 
Well you didn't say in your post that you had only seen 1 other movie that he was in.  Also, if you haven't seen any of his movies, how would you know if you like him or not?  Fair question I think.
Sorry, but this is a hilarious statement.  I know it's an opinion, but if you thing his best role is in "As Good as it Gets", you need an education in Jack Nicholson.  Decent movie, but light years away from his best performance.  Every single one of these is better than "As Good as it Gets":: Five Easy PiecesOne Flew Over the Cukoo's NestEast RiderThe Shining The Last DetailPrizzi's HonorChinatownTerms of EndearmentBatmanAbout Schmidt The PassengerThe Pledge The Crossing...
Amazing scene. One of my favorites of all time.  
Happy Birthday to the greatest actor of all time.  Jack is 77 today!  A real shame that we'll probably never see him in another film.  
Yea, that's the only scene I was able to find, too.  Pretty neat.  
Just realized the rating scale.  I would seriously give Fight Club an Eagle.  Great film.  I need to watch it again.
I've been put in charge of planning our family vacation, which will be the last week in July.   8 adults, 6 young children.  Looking for a laid back place, preferably near some kind of lake, fun things for kids, and a couple of decent golf courses.  Ideally, this would be no further than like 4 or 5 hours from Erie, PA.  We plan on probably renting a house in the area on VRBO or something. Thoughts?
Can't wait to watch the new episode tonight!
Good post. You pretty much summed up my feelings here.  
New Posts  All Forums: