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Numbers that represent someone's age don't lie and are not an opinion.  Also, the number of tournaments Tiger has played in per year is not a lie or an opinion.  Those are both facts.  Where the opinion comes in is whether or not he continues to play, and play well past the age of 45.  He's said many times in the past that he won't be playing professional golf when he's 50 years old, so I'm just assuming that he'll hang it up between 45 and 50. I didn't say it was an exact...
We agree on that one. You can tell they are already scrambling to find the next big figure to replace him.  Good luck.  Rory, Scott, Spieth, Bubba, these guys are all great, but there is absolutely no one on the tour that will be able to generate the buzz that Tiger did.  I honestly don't think anyone else but Tiger could have done that.  It wasn't just his ability on the course; it was also his presence and the way he carried himself.  He was very intimidating and that...
I agree with a lot of what you're saying at the end there, but to say that Tiger's stretch where he won 10 of the 44 majors he played in wasn't an "era" of dominance like Chamblee is saying, is crazy. It was most certainly a marked era in the history of the game. No question about it.  And we probably won't ever see that kind of dominance on tour again.  
Whether you think he'll continue winning or not, Chamblee is correct that the era is coming to an end.  Obviously just my opinion, but I don't think Tiger will play much past the age of 45 on the regular tour. I just don't.  I also don't think his body will hold up that long, given his history with injuries.     So let's say he plays 7 more years.  Even if we base it on the average number of tournaments he typically plays a year when HEALTHY, we'll see Tiger tee it up...
This is a great post and some really good points and questions.  I'm surprised at those of you that DO think he's going to catch Jack.
At least someone agrees with me.  Mvmac, I'll move along and stop posting in this thread about Tiger, but I just wanted RJH999 to simply answer my question, and then I won't continue posting here.  Is he saying that he thinks Tiger will break Jack's record?  Whoops. Sorry. I just noticed he answered the question. Moving along  
I don't like Chamblee at all, but he's totally correct on this one.  Tiger is done.  Not like he'll never win another golf tournament, but he won't win more than 1 more major in his career.  I'm a huge Tiger fan, and I feel like so many of his fans are just in denial.  
It is?  How is it ridiculous?  He hasn't been in contention on the back 9 on Sunday in 6 years!!   How has he been a factor?
Really great contribution to the discussion.  Can you elaborate for us?  I take it you believe he will break Jack's record?
People really have to move on. Tiger is a complete non-factor in Major Championships.  It's been 6 years people, and he's not getting any younger.  Blast me all you want, but I seriously think that anyone that believes he has ANY chance of breaking Jack's record at this point, doesn't have a clue what's happening in professional golf.  It's never going to happen. 5 years ago I would have bet my house that he would break the record, but no way now. Move along.  
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