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I'm sure there's a thread here to just discuss this awesome special that happened on Golf Channel this week, but I can't find it.  Where is it?  I did a search and can't find it.
I doubt he did, but I hope Patrick Reed watched the "Arnie" special on Golf Channel this past week.  The last 5 minutes of the final episode, Arnold Palmer quotes his father and says how much he agrees with the statement:  "You should never need to tell anyone how great you are; if you're great, they will know without you telling them."  That sums up this whole thread in my mind.  
Just started reading it, and I like it so far.  It's probably just my brain, but I do have a tough time with the fact that he's a lefty and I'm trying to read instructions as a righty.
Or #10 if they are still tied after first playoff hole.   Agreed.
I agree. I bet Charley Hoffman does too.
I thought Fargo was really solid.  Definitely tuning in next week. It got pretty serious for a pilot episode! 
Great stuff here.  Thanks!
Definitely been convinced to fly into Miami and make the drive to KW.  Sounds like an amazing ride.  Those of you that know the area, would you spend all 5 nights in KW or break it up a little and stay in different places in the keys?  Just trying to figure out what might make the most sense.  I even like the idea of kind of "winging" it and just heading down from Miami the first day and see where we end up every night. Probably not a good idea from a lodging cost...
Very cool suggestion. I will look into that.  Thanks!
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