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I'd say it's a pretty pertinent conversation piece of this tournament right now.Haha. The law speaks. a completely pertinent topic given what is going on with the tournament, but if you don't agree, you start to threaten people to shut them down. The only thing that stinks about this site.
None of the drama matters for me, knowing I won't be able to see it finish live.
ExactlyExactly. No way.
Flirting? ?Flirting? No. No possible way this tournament finishes today.
Absolutely correct. Ruins it.
So stupid that they don't plan better when weather is predicted. No reason they couldnt have made this work.
No way. Even without playoff, there's no way. I haven't even heard the commentators mention that fact yet, though.
So pissed this isn't going to finish today. Such a great leaderboard.
Yep. Same spot.
They should have bumped times up. It was obvious it was going to storm there today.
New Posts  All Forums: