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I've watched the golf coverage every weekend for over 20 years.  I don't think I have EVER seen so many issues in one event with cameras and cell phone photos.  And not just with Tiger.  Has anyone else noticed how disruptive the galleries and photographers have been these first two days?   Worse than I can ever remember.  That would be so frustrating as a player.
Going to be a run away, Rory snooze fest.  Good for him, but bad for those of us that wanted to see an exciting major.  
Making the cut? Yes.  Being any kind of factor on the weekend? No way. I have to say that I really like Duval in the booth. I think he makes some good comments and I like his perspective on things.  
Lindsey can start packing the hotel room.
I think it's quite possible though.
Because that was yesterday, and I just don't feel it happening today.  Trust me, I HOPE that I'm wrong.  His demeanor today seems totally different than yesterday.  I have a feeling that this could seriously be Sergio's time.  
I've NEVER seen him like he was on that first hole.  Took zero time at all; just walked up to the ball and lashed at it.  So weird to see him act like that.  I was pumped for him to be in contention this weekend too, if he played well today.  That's not going to happen.
Yep. He's done. Not going to recover today. 
Me too! Gotta run. Tee time at 3:15  
Yea, it was kind of a tongue and cheek comment, if that wasn't obvious.  
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