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lazy more than anything...... whatever mods can move it or delete the post    
agreed..... i just about peed when i heard this!! hahah! sad to see Russell gone already, I think he's got more skill than he portrayed on the show   ol cross handed dude and the Jamaican guy (sorry bad w names) i think will be long time contendors liking the season so far....but miss Sara Brown ;)  
not sure if this was posted somewhere already fricken HILARIOUS!!!! other than crane, these are 3 guys i try to follow on tour a lot  
very nice putter something i would game fo sho  
good putting makes me say WOW I seen some amazing putts after some terrible holes, and others are like "wow that was so lucky".....no it wasnt some of the guys i play with are just plain great putters - it's sick   big drives and long pured 3irons are neat, but I absolutely LOVE watching good putters (cause frankly i blow!! LOL!)  
why are all the douche bags always Canadian??? guys I swear, were not all like that!!! LOL!   Norm you head me sweating last Monday bro....hope you hang n there!!!
kinda tough to say EXACTLY what you might need, and i am not a fitter by any means...BUT i fight high spin just like you my thoughts:   *the shaft in that new SF 2.0 will do nothing for you. Its too light and more than likely  not stiff enough for you w a SS around 115. *the SF head isnt exactly a low spin head either or low launch   reducing spin on your driver is what i fight the most things i have tried and been somewhat successfull   heavier shaft...
i play the HL shafts in my 4 & 5i Titliest 710 CB's i like em, good for holding greens from 200+ out little lighter, but i like it   for me, i picked up over 5yds switching from S300 to X100's for me they werent any harder to hit, but my shots dont spin as much, less ballooning and MUCH tighter dispursion   check the lofts on the new irons compared to your old...they could be way out a combo of new shafts and heads can take some time to get used to i...
the AWT shafts are flighted and weigh117 grams DGS400's are 130gms PJX 6.0's are 120gms thats a pretty noticable diff IMO   shafts are pretty personal, but IMO there is no better than DG   I have tried DG, PJX (flighted and non) and KBS   i switched from DGS300 to X100's this year and picked up about 5yds per club more than likely due to a ball flight that isnt ballooning and lower spin best move i have ever done      
TW needs a head coach...and to start bangin HO's again....for real dude was more than likely stressed about getting caught that he has to much time for golf!! LOL!   I dunno, not much of a stats or technical guy or even know much about the swing in general....so i can't comment on what hes doing right or wrong and i bet most of us on here don't know on here either, other than repeating whats been heard on TGC or TV in general   I think Bubba is on to...
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