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Munoz, Kerr, Petterson or Gulbis
good round bro! feels good when things are flowing nice   slowly getting there myself wish my putter was as good i shot 74 yesterday and didnt drop a thing   tossed darts all day and had quite a few inside 10feet......2 stinkin birdies all day...arrgghhh.....   anyways....GRATS again man, keep up the great work
I use what works..... That week:-P Nothing needs to match..... I usually like to match the wedges and irons but not alwys
Titleist script..... Fo sho Or the odyssey dual circle thingy
Great job dude! I broke 70 when i was about 18 and didnt do it again until last year i shot a 66 I love that feeling, everything is just automatic Congrats again!
  hahaha!   i just got back from a quick 2 hour 18 on our local par 3 LOVE LOVE LOVE this course its anywhere from 85 to 215 yards or so - and when the wind is blowin (like today) it can be tricky I played 2-4 balls and was VERY please w the results got the ol Odyssey 9 in the bag and figured that i need to aim it slightly on the toe a bit to make it work....BOOM...putts started to drop today   gonna head out here more often 9 holes is like $4 more than a LG bucket of...
quick update....... another windy ass day on the links played my game and still struggled   i have the course figured out now....pretty much early season rust NEEDS A REALITY CHECK THO....uggggg.....   time...need some time on the greens   heading out as we speak to a nice lil par 3 track that has yardages from 86 to 210.....gonna play a few balls and work on ball striking and putting in general    
wicked kick some ass and take some names bro! best of luck and i already have it set on the ol PVR to tape new episodes! LOVE Monday nights again!    
havnt tried that shaft but have heard great things about it yes found 2 shafts on the BST on gwrx and the HY shaft on ebay  
oh i do practice them........ just some of the greens are tough to get to certain pin locations and these little shots are tougher than a longer iron in not always, just certain holes i practice my short game 75% of the time (this includes 120 and in to putting) just going to spend a little more time on the long irons, especially from the tee some of the par 3's are 190 + and there is 6 of them (one par 4 is converted to a 3 now, as the tee box is under construction)      
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