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i was just going to come to check in and see how things were progressing great to hear you healed up and are back in the swing of things   good luck in ur tourney and post back how you do   thanks for the updates Ben!  
u know it homey, u know it!!!!!  
dont listen to anyone above the 100% honest to god secret to clean those grips is.....   BRAKE CLEANER   yep   any old brake cleaner spray it on liberally, wipe down with a lint free papertowel or rag (like blue shop towels) and done no residue, doesnt damage the grip, comes 100 clean and no smell - they come to new and are as sticky as day 1   these r the best kept secret for grips ever made - IMO there is nothing better
if u like the Fast 11, the Fast 10's can be had for cheap i just picked up a Fast 10 3 wood for $100 brand new from GT
yep...and to boot in a fairly big tourney at my home course too i hit my drive just barely i nthe first cut...we all saw it land and didnt think twice about a prov get up to where it should be and its no where in sight   so there i go, running back, re tee and where does it go? exact same spot as previous luckily the guys in my 3 some were still standing there and waited for me to walk back to hit - best bogey of my life on a par 5 tho
after his pout fest last week - Tiger all day long I hope he breaks down and quits this game one day   then...   Poulter Westwood
My 59 Belts Review   Well fellow Sandtrappers! Well I have just received my first custom belt…..to be honest I wasn’t much of a fashion dude and never dreamed of owning a custom belt…..EVER ! hahaha! But at a lower index (2.9), this has me playing more tournaments, which in turn has me dressing a lot better on the course than I used to. But when I first saw these belts, I had to have one.   I was scrolling through the website and on the home page they had my belt...
IMO some of the best bags out there for the money are:   MIzuno Aerolite III - $118 **best divider ever, super light and all the pockets needed, have some special edition bags released too that are sweet   Titliest Lightweight Stand Bag - $130 **light, great stand, good straps, insulated bevy pocket   and i have had OGIO, PING, Nike, TM and Sun Mountain (altho SM are Titleists too, but w a heavier price tag)
i love facts.......... ;) (better post a link tho too)   no offence to the OP, but dude, your not averaging that u went into a store, swung outta ur shoes for a few driver pulls and the jacked up "analyzer" gave u those numbers   congrats on taking up this silly ass game tho!
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