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you cant "buy from the tour van" guys usually have connections on tour and can get product from them at a super discounted price...then they turn around and sell it (my thoughts anyways as they guys who sell this stuff will never tell their sources) mine was NOT purchased from ebay.....a very reputable, respectable seller who always has tour gear on golfwrx   i spoke to TM the other day, as in the new golf digest they have the same putter there will be 2 versions a...
all the best to your little man Reb's on a positive note (if i may) one of my good buddies had a similar surgery around the same age has a scar on his chest like you wouldnt believe....but when he got older, he got a lot of sympathy from chicks and would always end up with a number!!!! hahahha!!!   just trying to put a smile on your face bro ;)   prayers for Blake
they do make their own irons all the crap you hear about someone else forging their irons is .....well crap    
 because he has no idea how this adjustability works or how any other adjustable drivers work just a guess...... ;)
why dont you have Titleist woods to match your irons???? same idea bro....   IMO there isnt a better putter grip w 2 wraps of tape if fits my hands perfectly and has the most feel   i use what works, not what "matches"
  and burn.....might as well combine these topics then!! hahah! sorry my bad  
at a 14 index, its not going to "hurt" you for me....yes....why???   even when i played my TM R9 TP's last year, i found they were inconsistent w yardages being a more "forgiving" iron then previous irons i used one shot my 8i was 160, then it was 170...when normally this is a 165 club for me (in perfect conditions) maybe it was the KBS shafts?? im not 100%...probably had something to do with it, but not eveything   but i did find they masked my poor shots...
she was recovering from back surgery last year according to the article posted, she is now 100% and ready to roll i hope she has a great year
found HERE   Dustin is one of my fav players to follow and Nat...well....not exactly hard to look at ;) neat to see 2 pro golfers hook up
 haha! thats a (dash) bro It has 4º like yours does   havent putted w it yet will be a couple weeks before it "officially" arrives, then indoor sessions only until spring arrives shes a cold, snowing minus 25ºc here today
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