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It's not the evo :-( I wish it was and i'd have my answer already. Ahhh not really interested in a G series ping to be honest. Don't like the way they look at address. I was thinking a ping i20 but if I can get away with just reshafting I will.  Has driver head tech improved anything in the last 8 years?
So i have a Nickent 4dx driver i like but i'm at the point now my drives are just TOWERING balloons and are probably 99% carry. Should i just try to find a used shaft of something that fits me or just buy a new setup completely. Has driver head technology changed at all or are we pretty much maxed out on that aspect still? Reason i ask is i  really like how my driver looks at address and haven't seen anything that resembles it lately. Thanks
Has anyone flown with their club in a padded box? It's a one way trip so i dont want to spend a crap load on a hard shell. Will they survive if i buy a sturdy box and pad it like crazy?
www.rockbottomgolf.com Buy the nickent 4dx 50 bucks Amazing driver
No point in debating talent but tiger has had some of the most entertaining shots regardless.    The context isnt really there but i still like this one the most
It depends on the shaft if you are getting say a TM R11, the shaft is more likely to be aligned properly but something MASS MASS produced like the burner, it's likely to be any which way. When i put the prolaunch red into my burner i got it spined and i'm not sure if it's the spining or the higher torque that straightened out my drives
Nickent 4dx evolver off of rockbottom golf
Pull out my low kick 44 inch driver and swing normal
i think they're selling with a UST V2 now
so these are on sale for 50 bucks... i feel like buying a new toy has anyone hit these? any good?
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