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That's good, you might need to do some balance stuff to help out after that ankle sprain is healed. People's balance is pretty awful after any decently severe sprain
It depends on the fractures but the fact that he said they are displaced says they need to be set and booted/casted/ lay off of it. If it was a minor fracture sure go do whta you want just don't completely break it.  This isn't his case.
Stuff like this    
General rule is 6-8 weeks. This depends on a lot 
https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tyler+twist   Those are probably the best strengthening exercises with a theraband bar. I can't recommend which strength to use as i haven't seen the severity in person. You really should go get the muscles bellies worked out and be under someone for care. It's a very very simple problem  to fix. If treated correctly surgery is rarely needed.   If you tell me where you are I would be happy to find you a PT, Chiro, massage...
Numbness can be from a bunch of things.  Most commonly it's from nerve root compression, most commonly disc bulges. When i say disc bulge, don't freak out, 40% have asymptomatic ones.  ANti inflammatories arent doing to do anything for this, actually if there is a problem they will slow the healing process down significantly. What you need to do is goto someone competent with this stuff and actually do the proper physical examine to determine what this can be....
Like all golfers elbow and tennis elbow, strengthening exercises are 100% needed. You cannot just rest and ice and expect the cause of the pain to go away.
There are two ways to take on "tennis elbow/lateral elbow pain" You can band-aid it with a brace or you can fix the actual problem causing the pain. Most of the time it's because your muscles aren't strong enough to handle loads when they are in a long position. So basically imagine your wrist going backwards would be the short position for the affected muscles and the wrist downwards would be the long.   You can stretch the muscles all day and night and you're really...
It's not the evo :-( I wish it was and i'd have my answer already. Ahhh not really interested in a G series ping to be honest. Don't like the way they look at address. I was thinking a ping i20 but if I can get away with just reshafting I will.  Has driver head tech improved anything in the last 8 years?
So i have a Nickent 4dx driver i like but i'm at the point now my drives are just TOWERING balloons and are probably 99% carry. Should i just try to find a used shaft of something that fits me or just buy a new setup completely. Has driver head technology changed at all or are we pretty much maxed out on that aspect still? Reason i ask is i  really like how my driver looks at address and haven't seen anything that resembles it lately. Thanks
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