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I changed shafts because i went from slight fades to dead straight / draw goin from shaft to shaft same driver head
I think its a good way to get rid of too much lateral movement back if you kind of stay centered on the front you just have to rotate really
G10s, such a forgiving iron!
just get the tomwatson ones off rockbottomgolf full set for like 60-70 bucks and they're pretty good wedges
Just curious cause i saw sports authority had 2 for $90 choice of woods and rac wedges i want a 52 and 60!
So i just moved to the states and i want to go black friday shopping does golfsmith usually have big sales for it?
omg they're yellow awesome!
My problem with driver right now is setup and my left arm collapses beacuse of shoulder injury... i've needed this winter for some time off to recoop!
Where's it on sale? I need something like this so im working towards something with my putting instead of just bashing a bunch of putts in a circle
Short punch shots focusing on ball striking
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